Time Management for Sales Professionals: Maximizing Productivity and Closing Deals


  Time Management for Sales Professionals: Maximizing Productivity and Closing Deals

Sales professionals are expected to balance sales and customer relations, while ensuring accurate data entry and monitoring the company’s financial performance. They must also maintain personal relationships with clients, set and achieve goals, ensure compliance with company policies and procedures plus perform other duties as assigned by management.

This blog post will provide you with some tips for increasing your productivity so you can close more deals!

How to Get Started?  As a sales professional, one of the first things you should do is set realistic goals. Sales managers expect their employees to demonstrate accountability for their time by either setting targets or completing a pre-defined number of calls each week. The good news is that you can be more productive by making the most of your time! Productivity can be improved by using a few simple tools and techniques.

What Else You Should Do?  If you really want to get the most out of your day, try basing your schedule on a time sheet. This tool tracks how much time you spend speaking with customers, on tasks such as research, and also allows for unscheduled tasks like calls from customers and colleagues.
In addition to tracking your time, another useful technique is to set timers for specific tasks. This way, when a task is complete you can be sure that you have used your time wisely.

How Can You Increase Your Productivity?  Automate tasks: You will always have more time in the day than you think. By allowing tasks to happen automatically, you’ll be much less frantic and productive.
For example, use a high-speed PC to record all the information required for a call such as contact name, product/service information, etc. This can be recorded into an Excel spreadsheet which can then be saved onto your computer or emailed out on demand to the client. This also means you can avoid making repeated calls to the same company just to pull up this information.
Using technology to automate tasks also has other benefits such as allowing you to save hours looking for data on your computer or by using the internet. Many times, employees will waste time waiting for web pages or applications to open. You can avoid this by simply installing your necessary applications on a secondary PC and then using this machine for all non-critical activities.
A Final Word  Finally, the last tip for maximising productivity in a busy schedule is to delegate tasks when possible. A small team of sales professionals can be much more effective than a single individual. If you have a colleague who could help with the task, ask if they would like to help and then let them know when they are due to complete it.
When delegating tasks remember to take advantage of the technology available to you. For example, you can share contacts information between colleagues or create calendars that allow everyone to see exactly what everyone else is working on, without having to spend unnecessary time setting up appointments and meetings.
So there you have it. Sales professionals are required to balance sales and customer relations while ensuring accurate data entry and monitoring the company’s financial performance.
With some tips for increasing your productivity, you can be more effective in closing deals!
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