3 Ways to Use the Secret in Your Life


 3 Ways to Use the Secret in Your Life

The Secret has been around for decades, but it's not everyone's cup of tea. The premise of the book is that you attract what you focus on and want in life, with a few exceptions, such as money and health. Some people may find this hard to believe or even downright silly, but there does seem to be something to it.

Regardless of whether or not you've look at the book before, here are three ways on how to use the Secret in your life:

1.) Focus on your dreams. If you don't see yourself becoming wealthy from anything else in life other than by landing that promotion at work tomorrow morning, then try focusing all day and night on that instead.

When you do this, you'll have a lot of energy going into that one desire, and it will seem like everything is falling into place for you. This works with other areas of your life as well; try focusing on wonderful romantic partners, friends or great life experiences. In time, search for signs in your reality to truly show that these dreams are coming true.

2.) Focus on what you don't want in life. Here's a tall order - there is an entire school of thought that says we should focus on what we don't want in order to get it out of our lives. Fear attracts fear, they say; thusly if we focus on bad things happening to us, the bad things will come.

On the contrary, if you could focus all day and night on what you do want in life, would that not also attract good things to you? Would that not make all of your dreams become true? Don't fall into the trap of focusing on bad things happening and letting them take away your health and vitality; seek out instead to see what is already working and perfecting in your life.

3.) Focus on the present. Sure, it may seem silly to focus on "not thinking" or "being present", but when people use this method they often report more vivid dreams, more creative ideas and more feeling of being more connected to their environment.

Try to focus on the here and now and what is going on in your life right now. Do this even when others are around or when you're trying to do something like study for a test.

Here's how to apply the Secret scientifically: Imagine that you are in the mind of someone else - a friend, relative or yourself from 10 years ago. This is an intense thought that can be difficult to grasp, but try your best. Ask yourself who this person is, where they live and what they are doing now.

Next, ask yourself if the person is healthy and happy and if everything in their life that they want and need is materializing. If you can think of a fact about this person such as their current job, where they live or something else, then write it down somewhere.

Lastly, ask yourself who this person's significant other is. If you can think of one, great! Sit down with your list of facts and start picking apart the special qualities about each person.

You can do something similar with yourself as well. Imagine that you are having dinner with one of your friends, and ask yourself how they present themselves and what their sense of humor is like.

Now, ask yourself about who is sitting across from you. What does this person do for a living? How are they looking and feeling right now? What are the circumstances of their life right now? What else has happened in their life recently? You can also think about what they have accomplished in the past year or so by asking questions like "what have they won?", "what have they lost?" and "how has their confidence changed?".

By doing this, you can see how two people who were thought to be different are actually very similar. You'll notice that you have a feeling that is a bit different when approaching someone like a friend versus someone more important in your life, and that the same could be true of yourself.

By continuing and focusing on the similarities throughout these various thoughts, you'll find that all of these thoughts are just opportunities for greater transformation. If you're having an argument with someone and can't remember why, then go back and ask yourself about the person.

When you do this, you'll quickly find that there's something more going on than just your differences - and all of these similarities will start to bring each of you closer and closer together.

Make this a habit and see how much more pleasant your life becomes!




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