Abundance Flourishes In An Atmosphere Of Integrity


 Abundance Flourishes In An Atmosphere Of Integrity

The article begins with a story about the time when one of the author's friends let out a series of loud, personal insults. The author was shocked to hear such words come from his friend's mouth and pointed them out to him. He was quickly silenced by his friend's lack of remorse and her claim that he had been overreacting because it wasn't important.

She went on to say, "That kind of thing has never hurt anyone."
In contrast, the article discusses how in our culture people often doubt their motives or simply don't put much thought into what they're doing because what they are taught as children is this common idea that it is okay not-to-care about other people.

The author goes on to say that many people cannot explain why they act the way they do and that it is at these times that it's most important to consider what we do and why.

He then discusses all of the ways in which this lack-of-integrity is manifested in our culture. There is no common sense, the majority of people judge the quality of a person by how large their bank account is, and everyone has their own opinion about everyone else's business.
His friend claimed not to have done anything wrong but was quick to stab her co-workers in the back when it would benefit her personally. She reasoned this as "everyone does it," and "it doesn't hurt anyone.

The author then discusses the amazing complexity of life and life that cannot be explained by science or religion. He says that we have all been made for a reason and that we have a role to play, ending the article with "the seed of our greatness is within us."
We have been made with integrity, with compassion, and filled with so much good. We were created in the image of God, though we may not always feel like it, and there is no greater way to honor Him than to honor ourselves and others.
In an atmosphere of integrity our talents can flourish and we will move forward in life unencumbered by doubt or fear. 

Read for yourself and enjoy. 
Abundance Flourishes In An Atmosphere Of Integrity 

Michael Brown

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Jade Mok Man-wai Leung Chung-yin Secondary School
"Ruins my view of the world" 環保短片得獎 
The Jade students who participated in the "Mystery Box" project each gave a 20 second speech about their own views on what people should do to make the world a better place, in order to win a chance to present their ideas in front of an audience.

On September 19th, a group of students attending Jade Secondary School at Kwun Tong, Hong Kong were presented with a shell-like box. In each of the two shells they were told to put five different kinds of materials that they think should be collected, and asked not to take out their materials or look in the box before time was up.
The students had no idea what kind of materials the other students would decide to place in the box. When time was up all the papers were placed in a ball, and over them was a hinged lid to which keyholes had been concealed.
Some students took out their papers before time was up and explained why they thought their chosen materials should be collected from the earth. Students who did not take out their papers had to explain why they think it is important for materials to be preserved even though they couldn't see them, and also why it is important for others to know about this.
After all the speeches were completed there was a vote by all the judges in attendance, and the winner from each batch of contestants moved on to the final round. The three winners of this final round received praises from all the judges in attendance and won a chance to speak at an open day where their ideas would be presented in front of an audience.
The project “Leave No Trace” promotes awareness of environment issues, and invites young people to be involved regardless of age or expertise. It is hoped that the project will allow students to learn about environmental issues and learn about themselves through involvement in the project.
The first stage of the project was a campaign called "Mystery Box". In each batch of students there were 20 students, and they competed with one another by presenting their ideas on how to make the world a better place. The second stage consisted of creating a short video based on their speech, giving a voice to their ideas and promoting awareness among other teenage students.
The third and last stage involved making presentations at an open day where young people could hear about new ideas which can be implemented in their local areas. The winning students were invited back to make presentations again for future events. 
In the last stage there were three winners. One of them was Kwan Yee-Ching, a Form 6 student from Jade Secondary School having a topic called "Where is the world going?" Her enthusiasm and high spirits made her one of the most popular students in her batch.
Besides, she also received a certificate in Hong Kong Youth Environmental Awards and was invited to Hong Kong’s first United Nations Earth Hour Youth Assembly. 
The other two winners are Wong Pui-yee and Ho Wai-yan from Form 5, who have been chosen to attend the Youth Assembly in San Francisco next year.


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Sun Ho Yee-on Sin Tak Secondary School
This is a story about two characters, Lei Lok and Chan Man-On. Lei Lok is a student who was kidnapped as a child and was saved by Chan Man-On. Now, these two characters act as each other’s saviors to help each other move on in life after their traumatic pasts. In this story, the author makes the readers feel sympathy for the main characters because of their traumatic pasts by writing about how they act stubborn and rude. Although their personalities are all very different, they always help one another when they are in need. As a result, the readers cannot help but be moved by the story and wish there were others like these two characters.

This book is filled with many colorful scenes of good friends being together and helping each other find their way to a bright future. This book is also filled with many interesting adventures that happened along the way. In this story, you see the main character be very against lie Lok's idea of finding his brother and even helping his brother to find him. He could not understand why his friend would want to help his brother find him when he was not even friends with him before he was abducted as a child.


This novel reminds you to live your life in the present and not to dwell on the past. You should always help others when they are in need. And most importantly, it is important to live your life with a positive attitude and not be stuck in the past or afraid of the future.


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Low Wai Shun Hang Hau Secondary School 
The book describes the history of Hong Kong from 1940 until today. The culture changes from traditional Chinese during the Japanese occupation to modern society after World War II.

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