Choices. It’s the one word that can determine how your life pans out. And it all comes down to some small decision that you make in a split second and never look back on again. You could be the next celebrity, or live a mediocre life with an average job. It’s up to you, and only you can decide what kind of person you want to be. But this is not just about making big decisions; it’s about doing little things every day and seeing where they lead. The choices you make, big and small, will have a huge impact on your life. This book is about making the most of that time and helping you to break out of your common routine and achieve the life you want to live.

"The only way to fail, is not try." [1] —Tony Hawk�

The idea of this book is not to tell you how to get ahead, but rather to give you some advice on what it takes to truly succeed in all aspects of life. The true secret of success is not how much money or fame you make; it lies in each individual's potential. The person who wants more out of life will succeed no matter what obstacles are thrown in his or her way. In life, it’s the will to succeed that matters. If you have the desire to win, it doesn’t matter what your situation is. You can always find a way to work for your dreams no matter what. This book is about more than just how to become a millionaire; it’s also about how to feel satisfied with your life and how to live a full and happy life. It sounds cliché, but this book is not just about making money or being successful in business; it’s also about living your dreams and fulfilling the vision you have for yourself.

"You are born an animal, and no man can divest you of that condition without putting an end to all your hopes.” [2] —Thomas Paine

Everyone wants a better life, but unfortunately, not everyone has it as good as they would like. There are millions of people throughout the world that live in poverty and don’t have the money or opportunity to achieve their dreams. This is not only unfair; it is also a crime against humanity. But we can all make an impact on each other’s lives; everyone has something to contribute, whether it be money or a pat on the back. The reason why some people are so much better off than others is because people with more can help others who have less. But true happiness is not found in money; it’s found in your own heart and mind. The life you have right now can be better than you expect, but only if you make it happen. So what are you waiting for?

"The trouble with being poor is that it takes up all your time." [3] —Woody Allen�

I guess the idea of this book is to help people on the path to success and find happiness within themselves. There are many people who work hard every day to make a living for themselves, but never really achieve the success they want because they do not know where their true potential lies. Everyone is different, and you should be proud of how you choose to live your life. Perhaps it’s not how much money someone makes, but the way they use their talents and hours in their day-to-day life that really matters. It’s true that money doesn’t buy happiness, because then no one would be happy. But if a person has a vision of what they want to accomplish in life and spends the time to make it happen, then they will never be satisfied with what they have. So start matter how big or small your dreams are and pursue them with everything you have. Start looking for ways to achieve your dreams.


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