SPA: Great Way To Pamper Yourself!


 SPA: Great Way To Pamper Yourself!

The golden age of spa treatments
Spa treatments are known to have been used in Ancient Egypt and China as a way of enhancing relationship with the divine, but it was not until around 1800 that the first modern day Japanese bathhouse opened. After this, spas soon became a popular means of relaxation, particularly during the Industrial Age. Today, there are more than 4500 spa facilities in North America alone with countless more around the world.

With so much variety in regards to services provided, it can be difficult for new clients to know what they should do or even where they should go for their treatment. Last year, a study was conducted across more than 1000 similar facilities by the Green Spa Alliance and The Spa & Wellness Association. The results were overwhelmingly positive, with over 90% of the facilities reporting strong business growth and an increase in visitors.

Many spas offer various services throughout the year however it's important to make sure you understand what you are paying for before getting involved. Every facility is required to fill out a resort report form which will outline their activities and also include any relevant information such as allergies or medical conditions that might affect treatments. They can also request different insurance checks which have been designed to ensure spa treatment will be covered by your insurance provider.

Technically, a spa is any facility that provides over the counter or prescription drugs and/or treatment to its clients. They must also have written policies on hand to take care of emergencies. Each state has different laws which specify what treatments are covered, how much they are covered for and when they must be used.

A detoxification spa is a facility which provides various therapy modalities including acupuncture, massage, etc. However it should always be checked by your doctor first in order to make sure that no prescribed drugs need to be stopped in order to avoid any adverse effects.

What to expect from your first time…
For many, a spa experience is something that they have always wanted to try. However, no matter where you are located, it's still very important to check with the services provided and make sure you are performing the activity safely and effectively. Many facilities offer low rates for first timers in order to encourage repeat business or introduce new clients to their services, however this should not be an excuse not to check what is on offer before getting involved. Visit the website of your local spa facility and find out what they can provide in order to make sure that you're getting what you bargained for.

Join a spa club.
Many facilities offer long term discounts on services, however it's always worth checking what other benefits you might get for joining their club. You may be able to get discounted rates for their facility or even try some of their products before you buy them, which can go a long way towards saving your money and time in the long run.
In addition, most reputable facilities will also offer free gifts such as free massages or free mud baths with new memberships. Always check out the website of potential spas thoroughly and make sure that they are providing adequate information before making any commitments to prevent yourself from getting ripped off.


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