Speak Your Dreams Into Existence


 Speak Your Dreams Into Existence

If you've ever looked at the wilds outside your window and felt a thrill of something new within, then this blog post is for you. We'll highlight some of the best resources available for bloggers and authors to help transform their dreams into reality. If you're ready to dream big, work hard, and thrive in these turbulent times, this post is exactly what you need!

After all, a dream left unspoken will never come true…

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If You're Ready To Dream Big And Thrive In These Troubled Times - This Post Is Exactly What You Need! Don't Wait Another Moment... Share This Post With The Captivating Creative And Indie Thinkers In Your Sphere!

Title: 10 Things Your Readers Don't Want To Hear You Say (and what you should say instead!)


Ah, the blog post title. A lot goes into choosing one of those. Most importantly, you want a title that is relevant and accurate to the content of your article. However, long titles can seem daunting to your readers, so it's also important to keep them short and sweet. Let's work on making those titles even better! Here are 10 things you don't want to say in your blog post titles and what you should say instead: 1) "How To" This is a biggie. "How To" is already a very common search term, and if you're going to go that route, you need to make sure your title stands apart. Otherwise, your title will get lost amidst all the other "How To" articles out there. If a reader doesn't have time to fully read it at the moment they come across it, they will most definitely skip over it and look for something else. 2) "Don't Be Fooled!" or "Don't Miss This!" I'm all for letting your readers know that something is important, but you don't want to scare them away in the process. If a reader is careful about what they click on, then the title alone might make them hesitate on whether or not to click through. Instead of scaring your readers off, use a title like "7 Ways To…" 3) The Exact Same Title As The Article You're Linking To Unless you have an extremely large following and expect everyone to know what you're talking about, it's best not to use an exact title when linking back to another post of yours.

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