Spirituality Information - John Harricharan's Interview With Yanik Silver (Q7)


 Spirituality Information -  John Harricharan's Interview With Yanik Silver (Q7)

What is spirituality?
This article will take you through a series of true stories illustrating the difference between spirituality and religion. 

First, let's explore what spirituality is not. It has nothing to do with being too lazy to show up at church on Sunday morning for a couple of hours. That's what slothfulness means — it's not always about spiritual laziness, some people are just lazy in general! Spirituality doesn't refer to your religion or which "good" you pray to on any given day either. And spirituality most certainly never refers to participating in those activities that might make you stand out from the crowd, even if only in your own mind.
Spirituality isn't about working out at the gym, eating healthy food, or drinking way too many protein shakes. It's not about any of that.
Spirituality is the ability to have a spiritual moment anytime you have a moment to be still and listen to the small voice of God within . It's connecting with your own true inner-self. In other words, it's finding your truth and following it even when everyone else is doing something different. Spirituality is not about being so spiritual that no one else can understand exactly what you're up to either. Nor is it about being so unspiritual that you can only enjoy the same things everyone else does. It's about understanding that when you are out of alignment with yourself or your true inner-self, you will find yourself attracted to activities which separate you from the truth.
Spirituality is being in the moment . It's being self-aware of what's going on with you in your thoughts, emotions and behaviors and taking a step back from those things as much as possible if not completely renouncing them all together.
And for many of us, getting out of alignment with ourselves may mean having to let go a lot of the activities and past experiences that have brought us to our current circumstances. In other words, spirituality is about letting go of all the things that pull you away from the truth.
Spirituality is not about making as much money as possible for your own personal gain. It's not about taking care of everyone else except yourself either. Spirituality is also not about becoming so selfless that you have no life of your own anymore. This doesn't mean it's selfish to take time for yourself, but it does mean that you can't allow the desire to learn more about yourself to consume your entire life either.
Spirituality is knowing what you are made out of and making sure it's the very best stuff possible — knowing how much love you give away and just how much others get to keep. Spirituality is knowing that true happiness comes from serving others.
Spirituality is not about looking "cool" or having everyone else think you're cool either. It's about you being at peace with your own spirit just as it really is and not worrying about how others may perceive you by doing things what feels right for you.
Spirituality is not about believing in everything everyone else tells you either. It's not about taking everything you hear face value either. Spirituality is figuring out what your own truth actually is and then following it with every ounce of courage and determination you can muster.
Spirituality is not about doing what everyone else seems to be doing or feeling good because of all the things you have acquired. It's definitely not about paying more attention to what everyone else thinks than your own truth, either.
Spirituality is the willingness to trust that God will provide for your needs — even if this doesn't always look like the life others think you should be living. Spirituality is trusting that your happiness and well-being is not based on what you think about yourself, but on the truth about you, your experiences and being in the here and now.
Spirituality is accepting that life — as it really is — is sometimes painful. This means you can't be afraid of losing loved ones or even dying because you're too attached to making things seem better than they actually are. It means there's no need to fear change or anything else because it's never a bad thing. It doesn't matter if the way things are right now seem to be going in a certain direction. Yes, sometimes things do have to change, but there's never any guarantee of how anything will turn out either.

Yes, there are many religions out there that are extremely spiritual. However, spirituality is something that you have to experience for yourself. You can't read about it in a book or watch videos about it on YouTube. Spirituality is not a path but a way of life — and it's completely different for everyone.
Spirituality never uses fear , judgement or love to control people the way so many religions do. It's the willingness to step back from those things we've come to believe are normal and get back in touch with our true inner-self instead — regardless of what anyone else thinks about us for doing so either.

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