Spirituality Information - John Harricharan 's Interview With Yanik Silver (Q1)


 Spirituality Information - John Harricharan 's Interview With Yanik Silver (Q1)

If you are looking for some information on Spirituality, then this is the right site for you. Here, we will learn more about how to maintain our spiritual connection with ourselves and with God. We also want to share what we've learned so that others may better enhance their spirituality lives.

This blog post will introduce Yanik Silver's interview with John Harricharan from Dream Success TV which discusses spirituality and the importance of having a healthy spiritual life. John Harricharan is an author, speaker, and founder of Inner Engineering which helps people find peacefulness through their own connection - a connection that all of us have but often take for granted until something brings it to our attention.

You will also gain some information that is not found in other spiritual sites, for example: The importance of a healthy mind and body. Also, the importance of relationships and how to create them. These are just some of the things you will learn in this spiritually informative blog post.

This blog post is contributed by William Hoi-Ling (Will) De Belasis who is an author, teacher, and holistic health coach with 10 years of experience as a fitness trainer and meditation practitioner. He is one of the organisers on Peace Force Connect which aims to increase awareness about the importance of spirituality in our daily lives by sharing inspirational quotes or messages that can help us to enlighten our hearts with solace and peace.

Find out more about Will in his About Me blog post.

Spirituality Information - Yanik Silver's Interview With John Harricharan (Q1)
When John Harricharan was asked about the most common question that people ask him on Spirituality, he answered: "How do I strike a balance between my spiritual life and my physical life?". In this interview, he will share some information on how to find a balance between your inner and outer lives. Some key topics that he will share are:
"Being spiritual doesn't mean having to live in an ashram". "There is a difference between spirituality and religion". Finding peace through relationships that you create as well as through your connection with yourself.
Yanik Silver: Hello, I am Yanik Silver and I am here with John Harricharan to interview him. We will be talking about spirituality and what it means to have a healthy spiritual life.
John Harricharan: Can everyone just introduce themselves?
Yanik Silver: Hi my name is Yanik Silver, I'm from the Philippines. My background is in marketing and networking. Currently, I am an author empowering people from all walks of life through writing so that they may find greater inner strength and happiness.
John, before I ask you my questions I just want to let our viewers know, can you please share with them a little bit about what Inner Engineering is?
John Harricharan: Of course. Well, Inner Engineering is all about spiritual technology. It's very unique in that it shows people how they can use themselves as the "technology", how they can use their own body mechanism and do things for themselves. In India, for thousands of years we were an agrarian society so we had to learn these things through self discovery. We had to learn how to become our own technology.
Yanik Silver: How long have you been working on this technology?
John Harricharan: I have been working on this technology since 1986.
It's very important for people to understand that from the time that we are born we are spiritual beings and this is something that most people don't really think about. The thing is, we don't really use our spiritual connection in the world anymore, i.e., we don't actually use it for anything else other than for ourselves, for us to enter into a meditative state or be spiritually happy or blissful.
Those are great things when we are having a spiritual experience and all of that but most of the time we are not using this ability to live in the world with our physical bodies, we're using it for ourselves, so that we can enter into a meditative state or be spiritual moments.
A lot of people want to understand what it means to be spiritual but the difference is being spiritual doesn't mean having to live in an ashram. It's something that we all can do here, in our physical lives and when I say spiritual technology I mean how are we going to bring our spiritual connection into the world with us? That is where it gets a little bit more complex for most people because typically the way people think is that you have your normal life outside of your spirituality and then you have your life inside of spirituality, but that isn't really the way it should be.
We should have our spiritual connection inside our normal life so that it can affect us physically and mentally. We should have our spirituality do things in the world with us and we will learn how to do that from this technology. That is what Inner Engineering is all about.
It's a very unique way of looking at one's spiritual connection and realizing that we can use it for something other than for ourselves, for something external to ourselves by bringing it into the world with us.
That is what we will be talking about in this interview, Yanik.
Yanik Silver: John, I want to understand a little bit about who you are. What is your background?
John Harricharan: My background is simple, I am a first generation born in America and my parents were from India. When I was growing up in the states sometimes I had to deal with being called names, name calling and the like because of my looks and the way that people perceive me. When I was about 12 years old, those kinds of things happened, but it began to be more of an issue when I was about 15 years old.
At that time I went through a lot of hardship where somebody actually tried to take my life. Fortunately, I was able to get out of the situation and I got a chance to understand what it was like to be in this physical body that I was born with. I began to ask myself how can I use my own body as a tool? So, from that point on, in my mid-teens, I began learning about the techniques and about how we could use our bodies for things other than just being physical.

The video below is a great example of what John was talking about. It was an interview with Dan Harris, he also practices and teaches Self-Inquiry Meditation which is a unique form of meditation where you turn your attention to the question, 'who am I?'
In this video, Dan shares with us personal stories about how he struggled for years before finally coming to the realization that ultimately all the answers are within us. He says that most people are "gripped by this belief that I'm not good enough" and he admits that he used to be like that too, but ultimately it can be an incredibly liberating experience when you find out who you really are and what is true for you.

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