Spirituality Information - John Harricharan 's Interview With Terri Marie (Q8)


 Spirituality Information - John Harricharan 's Interview With Terri Marie (Q8)

The New Spirituality information website has been created for those seeking the latest information about 'New Spirituality', or what is also known as, Consciousness and Spiritual Development, Transformational Healing or Holistic Living.

The founder of the site is John Harricharan, a spiritual seeker who has explored many schools of thought over many years. He has been guided to interview Terri Marie (Q8), a transformational a healer who came together with her twin in an out-of-body experience at birth and have since grown up spiritually together.

The word consciousness has been used throughout time. The term 'consciousness' has many definitions and interpretations; some definitions talk about consciousness as a state of being, others as the point at which feelings begin to arise or knowledge is gained. There are many different levels of consciousness that humans can experience, and the goal is to understand these different levels of consciousness, and how they manifest in our everyday lives.

Through studying 'New Spirituality', or Consciousness & Spiritual Development, we can increase our level of awareness and understanding of these different states of consciousness. In this way, we can begin to understand how the mind and body interact, and how we use the mind and body to experience life.

The 'New Spirituality' website will also provide links to workshops by Terri Marie (Q8) and many other experienced spiritual teachers. The site will also show you how spirituality can be applied in everyday living.

The information on the 'New Spirituality' website is presented by John Harricharan, who has been guided by Terri Marie (Q8). John is a spiritual seeker whose main interests have been exploring schools of thought since he was 18 years old. He has a keen interest in metaphysical modalities and all spiritual inclinations. He is committed to equality and truth, and is interested in understanding the nature of reality, how we may best exist in this world, who we are and what purpose we have on Earth.

The 'New Spirituality' website was established to further increase awareness of consciousness and spiritual development - information that you can use to raise your level of awareness. As a spiritual seeker, John Harricharan is dedicated to bringing together various links (wisdom literature etc.) that he has come across during his years of exploration. It is his sincere desire to help others through sharing the best available resources available at this time.

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