Spirituality Information - Journey In The Fields Of Forever ( Part 29 )


 Spirituality Information - Journey In The Fields Of Forever ( Part 29 )

Journey In The Fields Of Forever

Part 29

The life of a peaceful sage, who reaches enlightenment and death without any pain, suffering or fear in between. This is the story of a man who lives his life to the fullest and doesn't resist doing anything at all. His amazing journey will show you how to live your life like this too!

Journey into the fields of eternity today!   
We will be looking at how to live your life like an immortal individual! 

Here are some tips from an eternal sage on surviving in an imperfect world: 

* Don't concern yourself with immediate happiness - become a more positive person by being happy for others' achievements. 
* Never whine - enjoy the best of what you have and never waste time looking for something better. 
* Never complain - stop expecting things to be different from the way they are and be like water that takes the shape of its container. 
* Give up on your expectations - learn to accept life for what it is and do not expect it to be anything more than that.

You should never give up on your hopes, dreams, desires or ambitions in life but you must learn how to live with the reality that life itself will always bring disappointments and setbacks. Instead of dwelling on negative outcomes you must learn to be happy for other people's success and remain focused on your own path.

Think about it this way: If the universe knows that you are not happy with something it will give you an opportunity to change the situation but if it realizes that you are perfectly content with everything then there is no need for the universe to give you anything else.

Life itself is a dream. If you don't know how to live in a dream then how will anybody expect you to know how to live in reality? Treat life like a dream and learn how to enjoy each moment as if it were your last because when the moment passes, so does the dream. 
Learn to enjoy every moment of your life!   

You know now that the universe gives you exactly what you give it. If you want more money then you should be happy when other people make money too. If you want more love in your life then be happy when others find love and share your own love with others. Give the universe a reason to bless you with things that will benefit your soul and spirit not just the body, mind and ego.

Treat everything like a dream - because it is! What's wrong with living in a dream anyway? Obviously nothing! The only problem some people have is that they're not good dreamers. They think they're going to wake up and discover how everything turned out the way it did. But there's only one problem with this assumption: You're wrong!

You never wake up from a dream and have to live your life all over again. You wake up and reality reasserts itself as it always does. Of course there are exceptions but for the most part we live our lives as if we are in a dream without even knowing it. What happens when you realize that you're living in a dream is that you start becoming more alert and conscious of your surroundings. You become more interested in what's going on around you, you start being more interested in the people and things that are happening around you and you become more concerned about what happens when your life ends.

You won't have time to waste thinking about things that will happen after your life is over because you will have only the memory of them. There's nothing wrong with not wishing for anything better because it doesn't mean that you're satisfied with your life or content with what's happening to you. If anything, it means that there is still hope for something better in the future.

The Universe is not against you. It wants everyone to be happy and if you don't know how to be happy on your own then it will show you the way. That's why it gives you everything that you need in life to fulfill your purpose and make the most out of what little time we have. 

You know that the only reason you're so unhappy on your own is because you have been living your life as if you were all alone. The question is: What do you need to do about that?

The most simple and basic thing is to live as if you were in a group of friends who are having fun together. If there's one thing the universe never denies, it's the existence of fun! Most people think that happiness only happens when they're with their friends or relatives but truth be known, happiness can be achieved by yourself even if nobody else is around.

The funny thing is that if you're not happy with being happy on your own, who would be? It makes no sense to be happy alone - who are you living for? 

If there's only one thing that you should learn from this book then it's how to live your life as if every moment was your last. If you're not making the most of what little time you have then what good is it going to do you when your life ends? You must become good at enjoying every moment of life because when it ends, it will already be too late.

Be happy for other people's achievements. Be grateful for the love that you receive from others and share your love with everyone who deserves it.

Learn how to see the world in a different way. Now, I bet you're thinking that this book is all about being happy on your own and not with other people. It's true that being happy alone is one of the factors of being immortal but there's more to it than just seeing yourself as an individual. You have to learn how to see the world in a different way. 

Your existence is part of a much larger reality and this reality is much greater than you can imagine. There's only one thing that matters in all of the universes, but it's not you or I or even those who are around us. It's the universe, the earth and all living things on it, especially other humans and animals. We're all part of one great big being which we call the universe.

You must be content with who you are because every part of you has something beautiful that others can see when they look at you but most people don't know how to appreciate what they have because their focus has been too inward.


It's time to awaken and see the world in a new light. If you haven't done so already, now's the time to do it.

The universe is a very wise place and knows exactly what it needs to give you in order for you to live your life as if it was an immortal being. It knows what will make you happy and what will make other people happy. It didn't create us so that we can live our lives alone or as if we were dead weight. The only thing that matters is living with passion, sharing your love and creating happiness for yourself and those around you.

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