Spirituality Information - Journey In The Fields Of Forever ( Part 51)


 Spirituality Information - Journey In The Fields Of Forever ( Part 51)

It has been a year since I decided to write about the magic of this site. I have enjoyed reading all your stories, so I am guessing that you are just as hooked on this portal as I am. It is pretty hard for me to put down my pen and paper when it comes time for work. The ideas that emerge from all the stories are incredible. There is, literally, something for everyone; all of them unique in their own way. As I am sure you know, most of us have experienced enlightenment at least once in our lives. There are two major schools of thought on this subject and they differ greatly on how to go about it. One school is what I call the, " do it yourself " school . The other is the, " drink from the fountain of life " school. Both are equally effective and are about as opposite as you could get. The self-help gurus teach that enlightenment comes after years of study, hard work and dedication. They point to their own experiences as proof that they were right all along. The other group says, " Who needs all that when we can just take a little sip out of the fountain and be instantly enlightened? . Well, both are right. Both can provide us with enlightenment and the only difference lies in what we want out of it. The truth is that each experience is different and the one thing they have in common is that they are all beautiful. But, before I get into that I need to go over some basics because this type of information is sorely missing from our current educational system.
There are two kinds of enlightenment: personal and universal. Personal enlightenment occurs when you realize that you are a spiritual being having a human experience. This realization usually follows along with another epiphany: your spiritual nature resides outside your body and exists independently from it. This means that when your physical body dies, you remain unchanged in your spiritual form. This is called “death” and it is nothing to fear. The physical body was simply a temporary vehicle for your spiritual essence. It is kind of like a car or truck that you were driving. You were not the vehicle, you were the driver. The car or truck was just something that you used to get around in while you were here on this planet, but now it is time to leave it behind and go on with the journey. After death, your spirit continues its journey into the unknown reaches of eternity with no interruption in its movement or direction. It just keeps going until it becomes everything and everywhere at once; pure spirit having a universal experience and existing in total harmony with every other part of creation. If this sounds ethereal and vague, that is because it is. All we can really know about the next step in our existence is that it will be pure joy and bliss. What occurs after that is irrelevant for your spiritual journey. You will know when it happens and when you get there, you will be completely happy because you did what was required to make that happen.
Universal enlightenment occurs when you realize that you are part of a greater whole – the whole of creation - as well as realizing your role in the whole; to strive for harmony, peace and love among all other human beings and animals of this planet. It also means recognizing your true self as a being having a human experience. When this realization happens you will have gained a new insight into the workings of the universe and will set out to play your part in the drama that unfolds. Your accomplishments may be as simple as helping others to achieve this awareness and sharing it with them. But, it could also involve helping in ways far more spectacular and grandiose. The point is that you are an integral part of a great plan that is unfolding at all times, with each moment offering new possibilities for accomplishment.
One of the best things about both forms of enlightenment is that they are not permanent. Once you have gained them, you will forget them once again so that you can come back and enjoy yourself in another human form on another world somewhere in infinity. Enlightenment is a constant process that we just go through one time. The process is as natural as breathing and eating. In fact, it is eating because your soul consumes knowledge and wisdom as you travel from world to world gaining knowledge and experience which add to your overall consciousness. This explains why children learn so quickly at such a young age. They are already halfway toward enlightenment because they are not weighed down by the negative social conditioning that most adults suffer from in their culture.
The key to enlightenment is knowing the truth about your spiritual nature and the ability to discern when the opportunity for growth and understanding is present. Without this, it's impossible to move forward even if you wanted to. Enlighenment, in itself, is a natural process that unfolds from within and provides us with everything we need to know as a part of our journey. This is why self-help gurus often point back to their personal experience as proof that their teachings are right. The problem with this is that they do not realize that the reason they learned what they know was because of enlightenment! The only difference between them and other people who have not achieved this blissful state exists in how they chose to use it. They used it for their own selfish needs to control others for some kind of personal gain. The universal enlightenments comes to those who are humble and realize that they are simply a part of the whole, not separate from it. They also realize that enlightenment is a process, not something that you can ever truly finish or achieve. It is always just beginning and evolving so the only way to become enlightened is to just be yourself and enjoy life with no attachment or expectations.
The irony of all of this is that we cannot understand it completely because our brains were not designed for universal information processing. Our brains were designed to help us operate within the closed system of the earth in order to survive and reproduce. This is why it is impossible for us to understand why everything has happened as it has and why we are here today. For example, there is a part of our brain called the amygdala that makes decisions for us based on emotional responses. This does not work well outside of the earth's environment because there are no real dangers out here in space. So, most of what we do when we interact with others or face any kind of life crisis is from an emotional standpoint rather than from our rational mind. This is what causes arguments and misunderstandings between people and leads to all kinds of conflict between nations or religions on this planet.


Human beings are just like the other animals on this planet. We have the same basic needs for survival and acceptance. We want to be loved and accepted by others; we want to feel safe and secure in our environment, we like to have a good time, and we want to feel free from pain and suffering. But, when things get bad for us we get scared, hurt, upset and angry because that is what comes naturally when these natural feelings are triggered by situations that cause fear or pain.
When this happens it triggers an emotional response which causes our body to produce endorphins which they call emotions in order to protect us from feeling too much pain or despair.

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