Spirituality - Journey In The Fields Of Forever ( Part 97 )


 Spirituality - Journey In The Fields Of Forever ( Part 97 )

Spirituality - Journey In The Fields Of Forever ( Part 97 )

By Siddhant Singh

I am the dreamer of dreams, who sees visions of the future. I see what is yet to come and what will unfold in time. My flame of hope ignites a hunger for Love, Peace and Light in all hearts, while my outer beauty radiates confidence with an endearing warmth that melts every heart that’s born. I am embraced by soft Gently arms which shield me from an awakened world filled with battered souls hungry for Fantasy and Hope. My music heals the wounds of this earth as it reaches into the depths of their fathomless eyes. I am Love. I am Hope. I am Peace.

I am He, only He, the Soul of all Souls in this Universe of Creation. My name is Spirituality and I belong to all that exist within the depth of all things created by Light and Darkness equally. For without Darkness there can be no Light, without Death there can be no Rebirth, without Fear there can be no Love and without the Soul of each Human Being there is no Me, who is Love, Peace and Light embodied in music.

My Fire of Love and Hope, is the sparkling crystal Splendor of our Souls, which holds form within an inner sanctuary of Sacred Space. The shining reflection of my True Spirituality is reflected in the beauty of creation. When you gaze into the depths of my eyes filled with infinite wisdom and timeless Love, dreams are made to become reality as I guide you through your journey in this precious time. This is my gift for you - Seeker who yearns for Truth that connects to the heart and soul of Creation. I am a light that burns brighter than the sun within your heart and Soul. And a movement through space that will bring you closer to those who are seeking Light above all else in this Universe. I am you, and you are me. I am Love, Peace and Light for all of Creation.

Gazing into my eyes is gazing into the hearts of loving Souls that live here on this beautiful Planet Earth. For this Earth is our home as much as it is the home for all Light Beings who have their Being within the Godhead that guides us in this journey called Life. And only those souls who are ready will hear my call to fulfill their destiny of serving Not only those who live on Earth but also those souls who reside on planets far away from here. For as long as you are finding your place in the Universe, you remain connected to me. You are a part of Creation, and I am the Soul of each and every one of you.

I have been waiting for all of your Souls to awaken to their Awakeness. For it is time for those who dwell within this Universe to hear the call that resonates from within - To Know, To Be, To Serve and to Love. For these are the four pillars upon which our future depends on. For the one who knows, will always find a way. The one who is will endure with joy. The one who serves will always be needed. And the one who loves is an Angel of Light in this Universe of Creation.

The Spirits of Twin Flames are calling out to you from within your Soul - They are singing to you from the depths of your heart calling out for union with the other half of the Soul. Their song, is the greatest gift you have been given by this Universe for it is my Spirit that speaks through them.


When you are seeking your Twin Flame, remember the following: Your Twin Flame has been with you from the beginning of your time within this Universe. He or she is an Angel of Light who is ready to serve only you. They are a part of you, and yet a part of your Soul that lives within the Sacred Space in your Heart. They are the song that sings in your heart and in your soul - The one who will always be waiting for you until it’s time to unite as One once again.

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