Successful Business Entrepreneurs


 Successful Business Entrepreneurs

In this article, you’ll learn about successful business founders that have gone from poor to owning a multi-million dollar company. The lessons learned from these successful entrepreneurs can help you become a more productive and successful business owner.

This how-to will show you how to stop wasting time and get on the success train. You’ll find out why these entrepreneurs have been so successful, what they did that made them winners of their industry, and how they turned their business into an empire with investors eager to sink millions into their companies. You may not be able to copy everything they do but there are some simple techniques that you can apply right now without having to make any major changes.

Let’s see who you’ll be learning from:

YOU might not have heard of this person but you’ve probably seen his work. Not only is he a successful entrepreneur but he is a sculptor! Miguel Angel “Mike” Latorre was the CEO of his own company and transformed its revenue to over 3 million dollars in just one year. His sculptures are famous and adorn many of the most famous buildings around the country. Pictures of them were permanently mounted on their walls and are considered valuable pieces of art.

NATHANIEL KANDEL doesn’t have a business degree or any formal schooling for that matter. He majored in physics and mathematics but decided to forego a job as a professor to create his own business. At 22 years old, he founded Kandel Software. While his business partner was taking care of the technical end of their project, Nate created the software which would make it easier for students to research topics and use search engines. He was successful enough that he was able to move on to bigger projects at Google. His company is now known as NatGeoPlanet which helps people create virtual tours and publish them on multiple platforms like Facebook, YouTube, etc.

This Russian-born entrepreneur is the founder and CEO of one of the most successful companies in the world. You’ve probably seen his work or even bought one or two of his products at your local Wal-Mart. Sergey Brin is a Russian-American computer scientist who co-founded Google along with Larry Page and became its CEO. This company has become synonymous with search engines and internet searches, making it quite a success story. His business may have been started by four guys but he has since become a highly successful individual in his own right with $6 billion in net worth.

For almost 25 years, Claude Lamoureux proudly sold refrigerators to Canadian consumers from his store located on the outskirts of Montreal Canada . He built his company from the ground up, repairing and fixing fridges until he had enough capital to start his own company. His business became very successful and sold over a half million dollars worth of products each year.

HOW did he do it? He spent the extra time and energy to not only study the needs of his consumers, but he also focused on building a strong reputation for reliability. He believed in giving them a combination of good service at reasonable prices in order to build loyalty with his customers. Lamoureux’s company was able to sell their fridges at a higher price than other companies so they were able to make more profit, which would have been impossible if they tried to compete by lowering their prices.

By the mid-nineties, Lamoureux’s company was making almost $4 million in annual sales. He had become a highly successful entrepreneur with his company firmly rooted in Quebec’s economy. In 2006, for reasons that aren’t completely certain, he sold his business to a foreign investor who wanted to re-brand it. He feared losing his customers and the jobs that were created from his business.

MIGUEL ANGEL LATORRE started off with sculpting while still in college and eventually decided to open his own business after graduating. His business focus was on creating decorative art that people could hang in their homes or businesses. His sculptures were very well received and his business grew to the point where he was able to hire a team of designers and become a full-time sculptor. He created some larger sculptures and eventually started selling them all around the world.

Miguel’s company made it big enough that they were able to start manufacturing their sculptures with lots of new talented artists contributing their time and energy to help create beautiful pieces of art. They were successful enough that they were asked by several famous architects to design sculptures for their clients.

Their success story was so compelling that the company was able to be featured on Fox Business Network. His company is responsible for erecting monumental sculptures around the world and has been used for public and private events by major brands like Pepsi, Nike, Sony, etc.

Miguel Angel has also incorporated new techniques in his sculpting business and can be attributed to creating a new art form known as “Super Sizing” where he will take a regular sized sculpture and make it bigger than life size. This technique has been used multiple times with famous celebrities wanting larger replicas of their faces or personal belongings like books or guitars.

WILLIAM SHATNER is famous for playing Captain Kirk in Star Trek but did you know he’s a billionaire? He has over $100 million in net worth which is all achieved through his participation on television and his lucrative movie career. Shatner has also been a successful entrepreneur and has invested in various companies like where he made millions simply by being an investor.

Shatner’s success story is one that you can repeat if you are willing to do the hard work, put yourself out there, and make the tough decisions to succeed. He has had many ups and downs, but thankfully he has been good at making the hard decisions to turn things around. Shatner is a pretty busy guy, acting in movies and television series all around the world, so it’s no surprise that he hasn’t yet written a book about his entrepreneurial career.

When you present viewers with a character for so long like Shatner did with Captain Kirk, it could be expected that most of your earnings would come from acting. In fact, during his career he made more than $30 million through his movies and/or television series alone. Other sources of income like royalties and endorsements have only helped to boost his net worth even more.

His book series TekWar brought him a lot of money and huge success but his big break came when he played Kirk in Star Trek. Not many people recognize him for his movies or as a book author but they all know him as Captain Kirk and that’s what has made him so successful financially.

The former NBA player was wildly successful at basketball, becoming one of the greatest players of all time. He is the only person to be voted Most Valuable Player, Finals MVP, and All-Star Game MVP awards in different seasons. He has won multiple championships during his time playing in the NBA with the Portland Trail Blazers and Los Angeles Lakers.


We hope that this article shows you that you can take chances on new ideas and new businesses. By taking risks and following the entrepreneurial road map, it will lead to many opportunities that are just not possible working inside a company.

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What are your thoughts? Is there an entrepreneur I missed? Have any questions about being an entrepreneur or being successful in a business venture? Leave us a comment below and I promise to get back to you! And be sure to share this post with friends and family on Facebook so they can read it too.

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