Successful Business Strategies


 Successful Business Strategies

You've probably heard that word "strategy" thrown around a lot lately. But what does it actually do? Well, if you're running a company or committed to success in any way, this blog post is for you! It's loaded with knowledge on how to be more successful and get the right results. Check it out!

The 37 Best Websites to Learn Something New

Have you ever been skeptical of online education? If so, then check out these 37 websites and apps that will teach you practically anything from making hummus to building apps in node.js at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home! It's hard to imagine how much easier it could possibly be.

There's a monster or two on this list that might surprise you! Really, take a look!

#34: Astronomy Picture of the Day by NASA
If you love learning about the stars and the universe, then check out this website. Unlike most astronomy websites, this one has beautiful pictures and is really easy to use. Plus, NASA is an awesome organization with loads of interesting facts and cool pictures.

#33: Khan Academy
This education website is another one that has really gorgeous pictures. Plus, it's easy to use and full of great information for kids and adults alike. The best thing about this site is you don't have to pay anything to start until you've made your first video! Check it out!

#32: Brain Pickings
If you love to learn about the human brain in all its wonderfulness, then check out Brain Pickings. This website (which started as a blog) is loaded with interesting articles on just about any topic imaginable. It even has an app that you can use to keep up with what they post on their blog.

#31: TED Talks
This is another website that's loaded with amazing things. You can watch tens of thousands of talks on just about anything and everything without paying a cent. The best thing is that they're hosted on Youtube, so they'll play in a flash no matter what device you have! Check it out!

#30: Project Gutenberg
Would you be interested in learning everything you could about the history of writing? Then check out Project Gutenberg. They have literally every book ever published, free to read online! This is my favorite site ever, and I love reading history books. It's a must-see for anyone with an interest in history or literature.

#29: Memrise
Do you like learning languages? If so, then check out Memrise! They have courses on just about any language you can think of, and they use really fun and interesting ways to teach them. It's really cool. Plus, it's completely free.

#28: Codeacademy
Have you ever been interested in learning more about coding? Then check out Codeacademy! They have courses on a huge variety of things related to coding that include web design and game development. They're probably the best site for beginners in all of computer science.

#27: Khan Academy for Parents
Have you ever wanted to learn with your kids or on your own? Well check out Khan Academy for Parents! This website has loads of great videos that are educational, entertaining, and fun. They teach kids about math, physics, and more. Plus it's free!

#26: How Stuff Works
Have you ever been interested in technology? If so, then check out How Stuff Works! This website has literally everything you could possibly want to know about different kinds of technology and how they work. Plus, they have a ton of great videos that explain things very well.

#25: Pen and Pixel
Have you ever wanted to learn how to draw in Photoshop? Then check out Pen and Pixel! It's a website (and app) that teaches you how to make your own images in Photoshop with a video-based lesson. There are three levels to choose from so you don't have to be super-confident when starting out. You can also keep track of what you've learned after each lesson.

#24: The Guardian
If you love reading news from The Guardian, then check out their website! They have loads of different news articles on just about any subject imaginable, some of which are about tech-related topics. You can also share articles on social media if you want to.

#23: Springwise
Have you ever wanted to get a glimpse of what the future might look like? Then check out Springwise! This website has news and information on tons of different new companies and products, some of which are really crazy. You can even sign up for their newsletter if you want to. Their content is usually inspiring as well as informative, especially if you're into futures studies.

#22: BuzzFeed
If you love BuzzFeed, then check out their website! They have tons of interesting articles, just like on their platform. Plus there are quizzes and videos to entertain you while you're looking for new things to read! Their video content is really good, too! Thanks to BuzzFeed, I know all about Ethereum.

#21: Say Something Good
Have you ever had a bad day? Then check out this website. It's full of articles designed to make your day better by thinking of a positive thing that happened to someone else today. It's really good for getting rid of stress and negative thoughts, since it makes you feel happier about the world around you.

#20: Giphy
Do you love GIFs? If so, then check out Giphy! This website is the place to go if you want to search for the perfect GIF to describe a situation. Or you can create your own GIF with their online tool! There are also loads of funny new GIFs everyday.

#19: TED-Ed Lessons
Do you love TED talks? If so, then check out their lessons! These are really great videos that explain things using really good media. The best part is that many of them were made by teachers for students but anyone can use them! These lessons are an awesome way to learn about a new topic from the comfort of your own home.

#18: TED-Ed Lessons for Teachers
Have you ever wanted to use TED talks in the classroom? If so, then check out their teacher's guide! This guide has tons of great lessons using TED clips and videos by some of the world's greatest teachers. It's a really nice way to teach your students about anything from foreign language, science, history, and more.

#17: A Year In Review
Do you like looking back on your life and seeing what you did at certain times? If so, then check out A Year In Review. This website is full of great summaries of stuff that happened over the past year.


These are just some of the websites I use on a regular basis to keep up with the latest news and technology. You can find tons of different websites that have very similar content if you look around on your own, but these are my favorites!

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