Finding Motivation in Artistic Expression and Creativity


  Finding Motivation in Artistic Expression and Creativity

Most people find that their creativity and artistic expression work best when they are passionate about what they are working on. They also do their best work when they have some type of structure to follow. For example, making a painting may be better if you break the project down into smaller tasks and goals, such as finding an idea for the painting, breaking down the colors and shapes for the painting into smaller parts or sections, starting with the background color or shape first, then adding in other colors one at a time until all of those small parts or sections are finished.

You can find motivation in many ways as well. For example, if you want to start exercising more, you could find motivation within the fact that exercise is good for your health. You may also want to find motivation with the idea of feeling vigorous or energetic instead of feeling tired all the time. If you need motivation to complete a project, you could find it within the idea of being able to show off what you worked on or finished by showing others.

Exploration and creativity are two key factors of how artists and authors create their works. With this in mind, here's a few ways artists and authors can be motivated by their art;

1) Finding Motivation in Artistic Expression and Creativity.
The motivation behind artistic expression and creativity can be found in many ways.
• To become more expressive - some people feel that to be truly creative or really expressive, they need to express themselves verbally or physically. For example, if you have something on your mind, then to get it off your chest, you will have to speak out loud about what's bothering you. In this sense art is a form of self-expression. The same way you speak out loud, an artist will use art as a form of self-expression as well. This could extend into other forms such as music or dance where they express themselves through their movement or instruments for example.
• To gain a better sense of self - artistic expression and creativity is very much linked to exploring ones' thoughts, feelings, and emotions. To discover new things about themselves through their art is a great way to gain a better sense of who you are as an individual and what you are capable of.
• To organize or sort ideas - one reason why many people find it easier to express themselves through an artistic medium is because it takes the thought process out of the equation. It allows your brain to become more creative and expressive thus making it easier to organize and sort your thoughts in some cases.
• To communicate their thoughts - the beauty of art is that it allows your mind to be creative and express itself without having to worry too much about how others will react or what they will think. The idea of doing art is to express yourself and in some cases you don't care if others can understand or even comprehend what you are trying to get across.
• To work on something - a lot of people use artistic expression as a way to work on something or get things done. Artistic expression is often a great way for creative people to write a paper, do research, plan projects, etc. Of course this can be done in any medium. With article writing for example you may find it easier to express yourself through an artistic medium such as a blog or a journal, rather than putting pen to paper.
• To explore new ideas - one of the best ways to have creative thoughts is by being curious about something. You may explore ideas by doing various forms of art such as painting, sculpting, drawing, writing, etc. This allows your mind to explore new ideas and expand your knowledge and awareness of things around you.
• To get worked up - often times artists and writers need some type of feeling or emotion in order to create something meaningful or productive. Some find it easy to create when they are angry, upset, or sad. Others find it easier to create when they are happy and in a positive state of mind.
• To learn new things - one of the best ways to learn new things about yourself is to explore yourself through your work. You may learn that you have a certain talent for something you didn't know before. For example, if you only drew stick figures before now you are able to draw more complex images and scenes in your mind because you allowed yourself to explore this talent through your art.
• To remember things - as stated above, if you work on creating something artistic it allows your mind to remember the things you want to remember. You may find it easier to recall information when it is coming from a creative source instead of from a textbook or another form of printed media.
2) Finding Motivation in Creative Expression and Creativity.
The link between creative expression and creativity and motivation is quite strong. It will help you get started on something you may not even be wanting to do, so finding the motivation for whatever it is you're doing can sometimes be difficult or underground.
What are some of the things that help motivate creative people?
• To understand the source of creativity - many artists and authors want to understand the inner workings of their creative mind. They may want to know how they come up with new ideas, how they use images and words in their art, or even how they are able to make paintings and write stories based on their own experiences. Understanding the inner workings of your thinking can be a source of motivation for you.
• To appreciate what you have - as stated above, often times if you have a creative idea or finished product in front of you it helps you appreciate what you do. It may be a piece of writing, artistic work, or anything else that you can see and appreciate.
• To be appreciated - this one is not only for artists and authors but also for those who do not express themselves through any form of art that we have discussed thus far. By being able to express yourself in one way or another you help yourself appreciate things better than you may have before.
• To improve oneself - often times creative people will eventually want to improve themselves in one form or another when they feel so inclined. This might take the form of wanting to become better at art, writing, etc.

There is definitely a strong relationship between creative expression and creativity. It affects those who do it as well as those who are around them or looking at the final product. There is no doubt that this relationship is there and there is proof that it can help people become more creative and learn new things about themselves.
• Creative expression and creativity can help you have better insight into yourself and your surroundings.
• A strong foundation of your own creative thinking can offer you many options that you may not have considered before.
• Creative expression allows you to think freely without having to worry about how others will view what you are doing with your art, writing, etc.

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