Inspiring examples of sustainable living and environmental stewardship


  Inspiring examples of sustainable living and environmental stewardship

Environmental stewardship is a hot topic right now, and for good reason. The earth's resources are limited, and if we continue to use them at the same rate we have in the past, there will be nothing left for future generations. We need to change our habits and start living in a more sustainable way.

But what does it mean to live in a sustainable way? There is no single right answer. It means different things to different people, and it can involve a variety of behaviors. Here are some examples of how various individuals and groups are practicing environmental stewardship in the United States.
Are you looking for ways that your family can be more sustainable? What will you include in your own plan for environmental stewardship?
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Description:     Examples of sustainable living behaviors are detailed in this list, including the author's own story. The stories give inspiration to others looking to make changes to their own lifestyles.
Reduce and Reuse Lawn Care Tips
Water-Wise Lawn Care Start with a lawn audit, also known as a lawn audit report, which is a simple visual assessment of the lawn where you live. It helps you get an overview of the areas that need special attention and can be done at any time of year. A sample lawn audit report is included in this article.
Another attractive idea for the house is to hang a terrarium on the wall. There are many companies that sell kits for making a custom terrarium, or sometimes you can just buy the container you want. Just look in your local home improvement store, or go online and search for "terrariums."
There are lots of ways to reuse and recycle your materials. You can make some very nice looking decorations by using recycled items. Here are some ideas to get started:
5.     Turn Off Your Lights
We've all heard it. Just turn off your lights when you're not in the room! This very easy to do and can make a huge difference in the amount of electricity you use. It doesn't take much to turn off your lights, but it does take some awareness. Be sure to check all lights in the house and unplug ones that aren't being used.
Learn about what is happening around you and how you can be helpful with practical solutions, such as working to save endangered species or volunteering at a nursing home.
Keep track of how much money you spend on gas. We all like to drive around and go places, but it can get expensive fast. To make every gallon of fuel last as long as possible, turn off your car when you aren't using it and find ways to consolidate trips. Cars are one of the main expenses most families run into on a regular basis. Saving on gas is a great way to cut costs.
Learn how to grow your own food in a small garden plot or on a window sill. Growing your own vegetables is fun and educational for the entire family and can be very rewarding. You can even take the kids with you to pick up some.
Watching your children or grandchildren can bore you to death, and they are only little once. Rather than continually playing with them, take a day off once a week and give yourself a treat.
Use just one type of paper product when possible. The more products you use, the more energy and resources they take up. Instead of using paper towels, try using towels made from recycled materials or cloth napkins instead of that new paper towel roll you just bought at the store!
Take advantage of incentives offered to fill your tank- another great way to save money on gas is to drive at night or near holiday times (holidays always provide sales). There are plenty of good reasons to drive at those times but you can also score a per gallon discount on gas.
Find more ideas at:
By:     Article Title:  Sustainable living: ways to save the earth from your home
Description:     Some ways to be sustainable in your home are listed here, including ways to save money and energy, and how you can help the earth from the comfort of your living room.
When you make a purchase, put the receipt in a jar and save it for later. Make sure you look at the date on the bottom of the receipt and record how much money is in your jar at that time. The purpose is to have enough money to pay all of your bills each month. Save as much loose change as you can in this jar for when unexpected expenses occur.
With all of the price increases we have seen and more coming up, saving money by shopping at thrift stores is a great idea. If they are not around where you live, consider purchasing from an online outlet such as:
Sustainable Living: Affixing Energy-efficient Lamps to your Ceiling – Frugal Fun for the Family
One of the simplest ways to conserve energy, while also bringing some fun into your home, is to affix energy-efficient lamps to your ceiling.
A few years ago I noticed that my energy bill kept going up and started asking myself questions about how we use our energy in our home. I decided to find ways of reducing our utility expenses by conserving more of what we had through efficiency and conservation.
To help with this, I started to think about the different ways we consume energy when we use electric lights around the house. My first thought was to look for ways of reducing the amount of electricity we use, which led me to start looking at lamps that lasted quite a bit longer than the standard ones.
Here are some tips regarding how you can save energy and save your utility bills.
Learn how to conserve as much energy as you can. If more people conserved their energy it would take less oil to produce new energy supply. More people taking steps today will help tomorrow's generation and future generations in saving our planet from global warming.

Conclusion: A bright idea
For those who don't trust the information you read, take it upon yourself to do some research. Just because there is a lot of articles out there on how to save our planet, doesn't mean that you shouldn't take some time to check facts and see what you can find.
Learning about ways in which we can be more sustainable and help our environment is a great idea. This generation has the chance to make an impact for generations to come and we should use every opportunity we have. It's never too late to make a change for the better of our planet.     http://www.articlesbase.

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