Inspiring stories of love and compassion


  Inspiring stories of love and compassion

Love is a powerful and miraculous force which transcends cultures, borders, and time. Whether it's through unifying the world or bringing us together as one, love has always been there to remind us that we are all connected. And while many of us may not know what love even means sometimes, there are countless stories of people who used this beautiful and powerful sentiment to help others in need. These stories of compassion will inspire you more than ever and show you that the world is a better place after all!

As for me? I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that if you're struggling with love yourself right now, these inspiring stories might just be what you need...

Inspiring Stories of Love and Compassion
Story #1: 
Abe Burrows, a winner of four Tony Awards and one of the most successful American comedy writers for Broadway plays and musicals, was once fired from a job in an advertising agency because he was deemed "too nice." He was later hired as the head writer for "Your Show of Shows," where he worked with Sid Caesar for eight seasons. In this position, Abe created memorable sketches like "Flying Saucer," "The Hickenloopers" (where Caesar played President Harry S. Truman), and "The Four-Sided Triangle" (where he played a man who falls in love with a woman as her identical twin sister).

"The show was so successful, we were all riding high. Then one day Sid Caesar called me into his office and fired me, the nicest man on earth! He explained that I was simply too nice for this business. 'You're going to have to get mean,' he said. 'Nice guys finish last. I don't want to finish last.' And he was right. In this business you have to be a bastard. But I would never forget his advice."

- Abe Burrows

Inspiring Stories of Love and Compassion
Story #2: 
Irishman James Mahony was the foreman for a contracting crew from Ireland in New York City. As they worked to build St. Patrick's Cathedral, they were paid well and treated even better by the wealthy Catholic bishop who hired them. One winter day, while sitting outside their bunkhouse, Mahony said that he would prefer to take his wages now and return home for Christmas rather than wait until the end of the year when the construction project was completed.

When the bishop heard this, he ordered that the men be given their full wages immediately and he told them not to return. Before James could board a ferry home, a severe snowstorm hit New York City. Looking out over the icy Hudson River, James Mahony realized that the men he left behind had no money to pay for food or shelter in the city. He then returned to New York and spent all of his own money to help his fellow workers survive and get back home safely.

Inspiring Stories of Love and Compassion
Story #3: 
In 1991, Jackie Martin was on duty in the emergency room at St. Mary's Hospital in London, England when she met a young man named Robert Grosvenor. Robert was only 18 years old and had been stabbed repeatedly. He had franticly run into the emergency room to seek help from Jackie and the rest of the staff. His wounds were too severe for Jackie to provide any immediate help, but the compassionate nurse had to try something. So she took his hand and prayed with him before administering an injection which put him into a coma for several weeks.

The following year, Jackie headed to Buckingham Palace where she was awarded one of her nation's highest honors: The Queen's Gallantry Medal for bravery.

Inspiring Stories of Love and Compassion
Story #4: 
Charlie Chaplin once said, "The only thing that makes life worth living is the chance to make a few people happy." This statement is especially true when it comes to those in need. It's for this reason that Chaplin was always willing to help those who were hungry or in hardship.

For instance, on one occasion, Chaplin spotted a woman walking past him with a heavy basket of food. The reason this woman was carrying so much food was because she was also bringing blankets and shoes for the homeless children she knew lived on the streets of London. Chaplin decided to help her out with her heavy load, and the two quickly became friends.

He continued to be there for this woman when she became sick, and he wanted to help in any way he could. It was then that Chaplin asked his wife, Oona, to help him start a charity for homeless children. Chaplin's work with the charity has gone on for more than 60 years. As of 2015, the Chaplin Family Fund had provided more than $30 million worth of grants toward medicine, housing, clothing and food for children in need across the country.

Inspiring Stories of Love and Compassion
Story #5: 
In the late 1800s, Catholic nuns were working at a small hospital in Ecuador. The doctor there referred all of the patients to them, and they had many children under their care. When one mother came into the clinic to have her baby examined, she was stunned when the lactating nun informed her that since it was a girl, she would be breast-feeding both from the mother and from her! This woman needed a pair of shoes so badly that she didn't even hesitate to ask for just one dollar. Two days later, the nuns were simply astounded to receive a pair of shoes and a dress for each of their little patients.

Inspiring Stories of Love and Compassion
Story #6: 
When Oscar Yeates was a child in the very early 1900s, he was often hungry because his family in England could not afford enough food. He would collect scraps from his neighbors so that he could survive until his next meal. And when he was old enough, Oscar became an apprentice to a tailor who taught him how to sew. Eventually, Oscar had saved enough money to open his own shop and buy some new clothes for himself.

One day, as he was walking by one of the poorest parts of London, Oscar came across a young girl who was slumped over on the sidewalk. The girl's father had died, and her mother refused to let her leave the house. So she had sat all day on the sidewalk and could not get up. Oscar knew what this meant; he immediately rushed her inside his shop and bought some warm clothes so that she would have something to wear for the rest of her life.

Inspiring Stories of Love and Compassion
Story #7: 
In 1988, Rabbi Aaron Kotler visited a poor family in Mexico City's Tepito district who was caring for their sick child.

I hope you were inspired by these real life stories. Showing compassion for our fellow man is what Jesus did and it's easy to do. We don't need to be paralyzed with fear of being hurt in return.

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