Navigating challenges with resilience and strength


  Navigating challenges with resilience and strength

The hidden power inside you is being suppressed by people and things in your life. 

As a child, the way you survived, learned, and thrived was influenced by your family members, friends, school experiences and other people around you. 

These influences created an inner voice that tells you what is possible for your own life.
Your inner voice of limitations often rears its ugly head when times get tough: a friend breaks up with you; a project goes horribly wrong at work; or someone close to you dies. When this happens, the truth becomes so clear: You don't have the power to control everything in your life.

You may have heard some of the following: 
"You will be OK. It's not the end of the world." 
"There are other fish in the sea." 
"It doesn't matter!" 
"Everything happens for a reason." 
In fact, these phrases often come from people who believe they have control over everything in your life. They may be trying to help or support you, but many times they do more harm than good because they invalidate your feelings and beliefs. In his book Wholeness: A New Way of Looking at Our Lives, psychiatrist Carl Whitaker says, "A person can choose to live with an inner witness who is always true and never wrong. This witness is willing to be with the rest of the person's consciousness in all real or imagined situations."
//Source: Wholeness: A New Way of Looking at Our Lives
The truth about your hidden power is that it can't be suppressed. In some way, you are beginning to realize that your life doesn't always have to turn out the way you've been told it will. Your inner voice is beginning to whisper something different now. It tells you that you are not as powerless as others want you to believe. You may even begin to feel like more of an insider, knowing what you need and how to get it. This is a rare moment of liberation.
//Source: Wholeness: A New Way of Looking at Our Lives
Your hidden power is the deep knowledge and understanding that you can create your life experience. This extraordinary gift to fully participate in life is always available. You are never going to be told "It's OK that you feel like such a fool." 
This fills your life with courage, strength, and love. You are not going to be told "You can't do this because you aren't good enough." Your inner voice will whisper in confidence, "I can do this because I am powerful and I can get what I need. I can be the change."
//Source: Wholeness: A New Way of Looking at Our Lives
"You have a choice in every situation," says Whitaker. "Even if people or events try to make you do things that are not in your best interest, you can choose to say no and walk away from them. You may feel fear, but you don't have to stay with that fear. You can choose your response. You can choose to walk away and look for what you want."
You have the power to move through pain, fear, and discomfort as you heal from the past... as you open up to new possibilities in your life. "You don't have to stay stuck," Whitaker states. "Your personal power can move through and past even the greatest challenges."
//Source: Wholeness: A New Way of Looking at Our Lives
There's a saying that goes something like this: "When one door closes, another opens." 
Well, it turns out that this statement is true even if you are facing an emotional or physical challenge in your life. In many ways, this is a time when you have an unusually large number of opportunities to discover what you want in your life. You can't control the other door that opens, but you can control your response to it – and thereby open even more doors.
You'll feel like an outsider at times towards those who believe what they are telling you about how things will go down. 
But now is your opportunity to look inside yourself and discover what's working for you in difficult situations, where you've been put down or others have spoken out of fear for their own lives. 
This allows you to remain strong and courageous when all the talking is done. "Don't get trapped being someone's scapegoat," Whitaker says. "You can ask for what you want, and you can get it if you stand up tall for yourself." 
//Source: Wholeness: A New Way of Looking at Our Lives
"You are a uniquely powerful human being," Whitaker affirms. "It is human nature to be genetically predisposed to think of ourselves as powerless, but we are not. We have the ability to learn and grow, and we are endowed with the capacity to increase our knowledge, courage, wisdom, and power. The gifts in each of us are infinite. You must awaken your hidden power."
//Source: Wholeness: A New Way of Looking at Our Lives
To be happy and fulfilled, personal growth is essential. 
"I promise you," says Whitaker, "personal transformation is possible in every area of life. You can create a vision of what you want for yourself and for this world. Your vision can be a life that brings happiness and peace for all people – to the end of time. You can create such a life." 
//Source: Wholeness: A New Way of Looking at Our Lives
"The truth is that the human spirit is greater than any challenges we are presented with," Whitaker concludes. "Most people have a great capacity to rise above the world and bring forth an incredible light. It is our human birthright to feel peace, joy, and love in our lives – overflowing and without end."
//Source: Wholeness: A New Way of Looking at Our Lives

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