Make Extra Money By Taking Paid Surveys Online


 Make Extra Money By Taking Paid Surveys Online

Most people who work full-time jobs aren’t able to save up enough money for anything in particular; they also don’t have the time to sell their blood, babysit, or do some other odd job that will bring in a few hundred bucks. This is where taking paid surveys online comes into play. Surveys are a great way to earn cash on the side without having to constantly search for new ways of making money.

Paid surveys are online, easy, and can often be completed with your phone or computer while you watch TV at night. You can find paid surveys online. Many times, however, the surveys are scams that will only steal your information and not pay out. This is why you need to do your research before joining a website that is claiming to offer you paid surveys simply for your opinion.

Here are a few ways to make extra money by taking paid surveys online:

* Join an online survey website like Survey Junkies or Swagbucks and start taking unlimited surveys every single day from home.

* Become an online tester for a site that is offering money for your opinion. Sign up for User Testing, which allows you to get paid to test websites and provide feedback based on your experience with the site. While this doesn’t pay extremely well, it is a great way to make some money on the side.

* Sign up for Pinecone Research by filling out this form . They often pay around $3 per survey, and each survey takes anywhere from 15 – 25 minutes to complete. This will keep you coming back to earn more and more money.

* Join an online group with like-minded people to discuss personal finance, and share ideas about earning money on the internet. There are many groups online where you can meet other people looking to make some extra cash.

* Buy products with cash back offers, earn points towards gift cards, or sell the products offered in the offer for a profit. Paypal has a great list of how-to’s and tips for making money through these offers .

* Take language and translation tests to earn money through surveys. There are many sites online that pay you in cash and gift cards after answering a few questions about a language you don’t speak.

* Earn money for referring people to free trials or paid services, like Credit Karma, Glympse, or Mint. You can also get paid for sending friends to invite their friends to join your free trial. These referrals are considered active when they take that first step to join your program, so don’t worry if they don’t take it right away!

* Buy the products offered by the companies you love and earn points back towards gift cards from their own affiliate program . You can sign up with tons of different companies to earn money by using their product. This is a great way to get free gift cards from the stores and brands you love on a regular basis.

* Get paid for reading emails online through MailerMailer . These surveys typically pay anywhere from $3 – $5 per email you read, depending on how long it is.

* Post your opinions online about products or companies, and make money for doing so. There are many survey sites online that use your opinion to help market products and create better products in the future, but they will also pay you for taking surveys of this nature.

* Write reviews for websites, books, or products you have read. Most sites these days will pay you a small amount of money for each review you write. You can make thousands of dollars by writing a book review and sharing your opinion with the world.

* Give suggestions through social media about products or services that can improve the quality of life in your area. While these don’t get paid much, they do allow you to share your ideas with the world on a regular basis, which is an amazing way to build your network and expand on others who are looking to achieve similar goals.

* Earn cash back when shopping online through surveys from sites like Vindale . This is a great way to get cash back on the purchases you need to make for yourself and your family.

* Answer questions about real-time situations and make money for doing so. There are many sites online that will pay you to answer simple questions as they happen, such as webcams that are live feeds of places around the world.

* Rent out a storage unit online through sites like SpareFoot or U-Haul , or other types of items that you may not use often, but could be useful in the future. Many times you’ll be able to rent them out for just a few dollars per day, depending on what it is being rented out for.

* Organize and run a fund-raising event online for a cause you believe in. Even if you don’t have much money of your own, there are many sites online that will help you advertise your event for free to help raise money. Hosting an event for charity is a great way to build lasting relationships with others who are involved in the same cause, or to just spend time with friends and family while helping out those in need.

* Do freelance work online through Upwork or Fiverr . These websites allow you to connect with employers who need the services of a freelance employee. You can set your own rates and hours, which allows you to take on several different jobs on a regular basis to earn money.

* Join discussion forums where people are asking questions about a variety of interesting topics. There are many sites online that will pay you small amounts of money for answering those questions and sharing your opinion in the discussion forum.

* Sign up for surveys on Craigslist that pay cash or gift cards through PayPal . This is a great way to make some extra money by providing your opinion on products that are available on Craigslist.

* Shoot videos or photos at events, people, places, and situations you would like to remember. Many times you’ll get paid to take part in the videos or photos that people create with these types of apps, such as SmugMug. You can also sell your images and videos for a profit on sites like Flicker , iStockPhoto , or Shutterstock .

* Join survey sites like Survey Junkie or Swagbucks and start taking every type of survey offered online. As you earn more points, you can start earning cash back for surveys that pay higher amounts.


Paying for college is already difficult enough in this day and age, but with student loans continuing to sky rocket, you have no option but to look for other income opportunities to help you out. Earning money online can help you balance your budget without the need to shell out cash for college. Building up a solid bank of cash from your online earnings is an amazing way to help your family survive once those loans come due, as you’re no longer forced back into that stressful cycle of trying to get them paid back in quickly.

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