Make Hundreds Of Dollars Weekly From eBay Stores


 Make Hundreds Of Dollars Weekly From eBay Stores

Thousands of people make a living by selling on eBay. People are making six figures a year with their eBay stores--that’s more than $100,000 a month!

Ebay sellers are succeeding because they consistently undercut the competition and have low overhead. They use cutting edge marketing techniques like building their own private label products, doing social media marketing, and SEO to get more visibility and traffic. And they're ecommerce pros with excellent customer service that makes customers come back time again.

This introduction is for an article about how to make money on ebay stores:

Ebay is a great place to sell online, but first you need to build an eBay store. You need to make the site look professional and sell high value products so you get top dollar for your items. You can’t just put out anything on eBay and expect it to sell.

Once you have a store, create a shop for baby items, fashion accessories or home furnishings that you know sell well on ebay. Most people want things that are durable and affordable but still good looking so you will have to be creative in how you price your items.

There are many things to keep in mind when selling on ebay:

-How to navigate eBay is very different from other online stores. For example, if you want to have a banner ad on the eBay home page, you need to get approval from eBay first before doing anything. You will also need to choose carefully what items you will offer for sale and how much you want to pay for each item. Also, make sure that all your images are high resolution and attractive enough that buyers will want to buy them and not just pass them by on the screen.

-Make sure that your item listing looks professional and easy to read with good photography.

-Make sure you choose good prices for your items. When you look at eBay, you will notice that many items have low prices and that is because most of the buyers on eBay are bargain hunters who will immediately click away from an item they see that is overpriced. You need to be careful in setting your price and offer discounts or free shipping in order to make a sale.

-You also need to think about how much time it takes for you to find items, list them on eBay and take care of customer service issues. You can hire virtual assistants from other countries at a very low cost so this way you can get more done quickly with less effort.

-You can also use eBay tools such as the “PowerSellers” and “ShopSaviors” programs in order to get more sales. These features can help you use eBay to market more effectively.

-When you do marketing for your store, think about product reviews on websites like Amazon or that have nationwide readership and give you many hits. You also need to be creative in how you go about getting exposure for your products so that buyers are excited about buying them.

-You can also use eBay listings and keywords to get your business out there with SEO (search engine optimization).

The strategies that I used to start my eBay store:

My first item was a 2-pack banana flats. One flat was like a small banana, the other like a regular banana. The name of the product is “banana flats” so when people searched for this type of item they could see both items on the same page. These little things can be very inexpensive and very cute so I used them in many of my listings to add value to my products.

Next, I used positive keywords when listing my products on eBay. For example, if I was selling a 3-pack of banana flats, I would put “banana flats” into the title so that buyers know specifically what they want. Also, in the product description I would list all of the keywords related to this product listed on eBay so that any buyer searching for banana flats on eBay would see my little item. In this way it was easier for people to find my products.

Next, I used social media to promote my store and get more exposure. For example, I posted images of myself holding the banana flats on Pinterest at their own URL I was able to get exposure for free because other Pinterest users could use these images as their own. I also posted them on Free Sticky in Facebook groups and groups for moms, fashion bloggers and other shoppers. People liked my images and the product and then they found out where to buy them on my eBay store. I would also post on my personal Facebook page about new products that were coming soon so that people would get excited about items that might be useful to them or their families.

Third, I started a blog for my store at where I talked about my social media marketing efforts and different things going on in my life. I would also link to products that I listed on eBay. This allowed me to get more search engine hits and more traffic through search engines, blog readership and social media as well.

Another thing I did was get an eBay store analytics program like this one: so that it was easier for me to see what keywords were bringing people into my store and what items people were buying as well as the total amount of money coming in from different areas of my sites and stores.

Lastly, I used TweetDeck for Twitter so that I could monitor my sales. It is free and it is very easy to use. You can set up alerts on Twitter that notify you if someone mentions your store or uses one of your keywords in a tweet.

More About eBay Stores:

-You can also list your products on Amazon However, Amazon is like a store within a store so you have to be very careful about how much you price your items at Amazon because the cost per sale will be higher than eBay.


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