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Once upon a time in Russia, a man ordered a space rocket. When it arrived, the man didn't pay for it and it was sent back. This is where the story of a kind man named Ivan begins, who delivered the missing payment for the space rocket to the kind old lady who received it, so that the world would know the story of a man named Andrei, who had paid for it but had been sent a pig instead.

One day, Ivan was feeling particularly short of friends, since for some reason he has not chosen the right people to work with him, and he had to deliver something for his employers.

First he made himself dinner, a bratwurst and a loaf of bread, then he decided to take a walk.

"Very good, the weather is so nice for a walk, just the right temperature," said Ivan.

Ivan then began to think.

"What can I think about? I need to think about something else other than my job. I must think of something fun, something that can make me a bit happier," Ivan paused for a moment. "I know, I'll listen to my walkman."

Ivan began to listen to his walkman, but only for a little while because a corner store appeared up ahead, and he decided to go shopping. He had to buy something, after all it was Friday.

When Ivan entered the store, he saw some objects that he wanted.

"Very nice, what are these?" thought Ivan.

He first thought that it was pianos, but then he saw that it was acoustically-inactive pianos.

"Maybe I need to talk to them? Or maybe I need to buy something from them?" Ivan questioned himself.

He purchased two acoustically-inactive pianos from the store, and then paid for these.

"One thousand five hundred rubles, please give me 999 rubles," said the man at the counter.

Ivan gave 999 rubles, and he also used the remaining one ruble to go to the store's kitchen and bring himself one of the store's peppers. The pepper was of a distinguished English origin.

"This pepper is incredibly exceptional, it is perfect and it is just for me," Ivan congratulated the pepper.

Ivan walked back home wearing the two acoustically-inactive pianos. He put them down and went to his walkman, and began to listen to it again. When he finished listening to the walkman, he put on a CD.

Ivan was sitting there, listening to his music, when he found out that he had lost the CD case, and he had only a CD, without a case.

"You may think that I can only listen to the CD, or even throw it away...but that is not true," Ivan said.

Ivan then went back to where he had purchased the CD and asked for another one, from which he then returned home.

Ivan later thought, and thought, and when he thought he found himself in his favorite spot. This spot was next to a large meadow, where the birds flew, and a nearby river flowed, and the ground was full of flowers.

"It is so nice here, but what shall I do now?" Ivan thought.

Then Ivan thought of something.

"Why can't I play my new piano?" asked Ivan.

As soon as Ivan said that, the pianos began to play themselves, only louder. Ivan also released a party, the type that he has always wanted. It was the best party that he had ever thrown, even better than his birthday party.

At the party, all of his friends arrived. First his first friend arrived, then his second friend arrived, and finally his third friend arrived. Ivan received many gifts, including a first-class saxophone that his friend Andrei had once played on, and a first-class drum set that his friend Andrei had once played on.

Then Ivan celebrated his friends' arrival with a party of chocolates and mice.

"Very nice. I'm very happy now," said Ivan.

Ivan began to think.

"It would be nice to sleep here," Ivan thought.

When he said this, it became nighttime, and he slept supremely well.

The end.

Wow! That is some very interesting reading. It has a little bit of everything from all types of music, stories, fantasies, coincidences, and events that may or may not have happened. It is funny that you had a party and somebody went to the bathroom during it.

It all makes sense now.

There are so many great and creative ideas. It really must have taken a long time to write it.

We really liked this short story, it is very interesting and very imaginative. We recommend it to anyone who reads our site.


This story is amazing, the character is very interesting, and the ending is really great. Well we're sure that you loved this story, it is very interesting and magical, it shows that humans have some kind of magic in them, a good type of magic.

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