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It was the most anticipated adventure in my life – a solo trip to the middle of the ocean to the island of Praslin. It was supposed to be a cruise like an expedition on a riverboat to the various uncharted islands of the World Ocean, to relax among palm trees, and swim in the beautiful oceans, even see some of the rare animals. On cruise ships, you even get to chill out in bars while drinking made-to-order cocktails and watch the exotic sights that laid out the prow of your ship. It was this kind of vacation that I had had in mind for a long time, so when the invitations and calls started pouring in, I decided to block out all the reservations in my 'get beach butt-naked in the sea' travel schedule, and took up the invitations with gratitude.

Well, needless to say that my backpack didn't get any smaller after all the invitations and calls that started pouring in.

It was the era of mobile phones and the internet, so it wasn't long before a sudden buzz hit the internet with a lot of chatter. It was regarding a so called demonstration of a great travel technology (this was the buzz on the internet) by a great scientific organization. This technology was to be showcased at a conference that was to be held in my city. Since the teaser about it was so good that it left people mouth-wateringly excited and curious, since I had no interest in cutting my vacation short, I decided to simply go and watch the demonstration in person.

I arrived at the hotel as the conference started.

As I checked in, I heard the front desk clerk say the name of the conference. He said it so beautifully that he impressed me.

It was called 'Travel GPS'

I was speechless. This was the best travel tech demo I had seen to this date!

The clerk continued his speech

"Our company has developed a new application for mobile GPS devices that can guide the user to any destination through the journey. It just needs to be operated through the internet, and it will be able to guide you to the destination with such efficiency that it reminds us of a jet plane in a sense. I am surprised you were able to secure time slots, sir."

I had no clue what he was talking about so I just nodded my head, and caught the name on his wristband. He was the one who was in charge of the conference, and was an intern of the company.

"Mr. Akash Mishra, sir" I said, identifying myself.

"Yes, sir" he replied. "Follow me."

He then led me to the conference hall.

As we went through the corridor, I could see and hear from the adjoining rooms the commotion of the conference that was to begin. Apparently, the special thing about this technology was that it needed to be demonstrated for a larger audience, and that was the purpose of this large scale conference.

The conference hall was filled with people, and suddenly a light music started, and a media was shown in the stage. The clock ticked down the last five minutes of the demonstration. We immediately turned down our media players.

"Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one!" a media was shown with the countdown.

The media started.

It was a news report of a sudden disaster. It was as if god had split the sea in half, and had created a giant hole. I could see a lot of destruction and chaos on the report. The aftermath was seen and the images were relayed from there. It was shocking, terrifying. There were people dying, fleeing, mothers crying for their children, and children crying for their dead mothers, and a lot of chaos observed in the sea. I later noticed that it was from a place called 'Gulf of Mexico'. Apparently, it was a must-visit place for scuba diving and a tourist attraction. Instead of a blue, crystal azure sea, I was watching on the television a dark muddy sea, a sea that had almost sucked in all the light in the ocean. It was a sea that was just dark. The effect was of a weak light as if you shone it against a surface just after the past midnight.

The view changed to the sea floor where there was a giant hole that looked like a massive crater that could have been created by a large meteor. It was as if the meteorite has landed on the ocean. The sea floor was dark, just like the color of the bottom layer of an oil painting. It was just a scene of chaos and destruction.

Conclusion was shown that the disaster had been caused by a recent gold rush and mother nature's wrath. Gold had been found on land – it had been traced to underground deposits. Carpet of gold had been found as well, but the mother nature had not taken it lightly, and she had exploded in fury. Indeed, the Mother Nature's force is more than just here on Earth. The audience cheered at the conclusion of the shocking news report.

I looked at the clock above the stage. It had just been one minute.

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