Wisdom and the Power of Reflection


  Wisdom and the Power of Reflection

Reflecting on the past can open up new possibilities and illuminate old flaws. It is a universal truth that the more we understand about ourselves, the more we can grow into our best selves. In order to live a reflective life, one must first own an understanding of how their beliefs and actions affect others.

This blog post will explore wisdom, self-reflection, and how they intersect to create meaningful lives.

In this article I will examine wisdom as it relates to its manifestations in everyday life; it's application in daily living; and what effect these two qualities have on creating happy lives for oneself and those around them.

Wisdom is a manifestation of compassion, a person who is wise has a deep understanding of the things they themselves can do to affect the world around them and understand that their presence and actions have an unavoidable impact on people. A wise person understands that every action they do will have a reaction; that this reaction will be felt not only by them, but by those who are close to them.

A wise person does not allow this understanding to lead them down an avoidant or destructive path. A wise person may be compassionate and sympathetic towards those hurting around them, but also recognizes that they need to create their own path in life. A wise person may be understanding and compassionate, but they also know that they still need to move forward. To diverge from this path would be to allow their life to fester in misery; it is the recognition of ones place in the world which allows one to feel content with it.

A wise person knows that the lives they touch are just as real and valid as their own. They understand that every action has an impact on someone else, even if said impact does not seem like a big deal at the time: a kind word here, a glib remark there. A wise person never makes light of someone's feelings; no matter how short-lived or fleeting an encounter is, it leaves a lasting impression on both people involved.

The best way to recognize a wise person is by their ability to see the world for what it is, and not what they would like it to be. They recognize that the smiles and happiness of others are a reflection of themselves and thus they take pride in their ability to affect others positively. Their understanding of compassion allows them to see that positive impact results from their actions and attitudes: good friends, kind people, happy families.

It is this ability to understand the effect of ones actions that makes one wise and consistent, an understanding which cannot be learned or taught to an individual, but rather cultivated through experience.

A wise person is someone who has learned to understand themselves and their place in the world. They understand that this understanding must be reflected upon continuously because it cannot be mastered. They know that they too are imperfect, just as everyone else is.

While a wise person may have an idealistic view of the world, they also recognize that this view is only a small snapshot of reality. They do not cling to this idea or try to force it onto others; rather, they acknowledge it as their own personal philosophy and allow others to do what they will with it. This freedom allows others to appreciate wisdom when they see it and also find their own path in life with the help of those who are already on theirs.

A wise person understands that both their own happiness and the happiness of those around them are dependent on themselves: a world in which they do not always succeed may call for that perfect life they seek, but so too may a world in which they do exactly what people hope for them to do. Both worlds are equally real, and while the former is far more desirable, one can not remove it to make the latter happen. One must live within its limitations while also understanding that it is only a small part of the bigger picture.

It takes faith to accept reality as it is and also understand that there are other ways one can affect oneself and others. It takes the ability to reflect upon one's life and live in an honest way. This is of utmost importance: understanding what one does and how this affects others is a step towards being able to impact them positively.

The more a person understands their own actions, the more they can grow into their best selves; that is the power of reflection.

~ Zachary Rooff
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Tinker Bell, Fairy Princess, then retired AGAIN ? Disney has been having a tough time with fairy princesses lately, as everyone knows.  One of their first fairy princesses, Tinker Bell (known as Periwinkle in the books), got a movie, some short movies, and then was almost completely forgotten.  Her "roommate" Rosetta (also from the books) hasn't been heard of lately either.
But now there is another fairy princess to take Tinker's place.  It's none other than Silvermist , another classic character from the books!
It sounds like she will be appearing in quite a few movies and shorts too!  Here's hoping that she sticks around for a long time and gets to star in a full-length movie someday. [SOURCE]
More on Silvermist on Wikipedia:
More on Tinker Bell on Wikipedia:
Are you a fairy princess fan?  Do you like seeing classic characters come back? [ARTICLE END]
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Mulan was a great movie, but alas, it didn't make enough money so we may never see Mulan again.
Mulan was a classic; it was a great movie and I remember watching it all the time when I was little.  However, Disney recently stated that they are considering not making more movies based on their classic princesses, focusing instead on the new movies they have been churning out like The Princess and the Frog (which wasn't too bad).

Conclusion? It's likely that Mulan is gone for good.
Full article with more information:  http://www.imdb.com/news/ni5888294/?ref_=nw_trh_li
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The new 'girly' Cinderella to be released in March 2015 will most likely be a combination of the classic and the new Cinderella stories from Once Upon A Time.

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