30 Days Trial


 30 Days Trial


If you're in need of a plan to keep up with your fitness aspirations, fear not! We have a 30-day trial workout for you! This trial system is designed to get you on track with your fitness goals and see how the team at Yoga Anytime can help make an impact on your life. So if this sounds like it might be the thing for you, scroll down to download our FREE 30 Day Trial Pass. It's time for fitness that fits into YOUR schedule and YOUR life. There's no time like now - let the journey begin! 

The difference between a good blog post and a great blog post is all about how good of an introduction it provides. When a person lands on your blog, your post should grab his or her attention and hold it.

We've created this FREE 30-Day Trial pass as a way to get you started on your journey of creating awesome health and fitness content.
... and we'd like to help you get started!
This trial will last for 30 days, after which you can continue with our membership plans that fit your lifestyle best. Either way, we will be available to help you all along the way via phone call or email if needed... 
- Our team of expert trainers on the phone are ready to assist you with any questions or concerns 24/7.
- A FREE 30-Day Yoga Anytime Membership to use on our website and for group classes.
...and more! Click here to download your FREE 30-Day Trial Pass: http://yoganow.com/free_trial/

Yoga Anytime is a health, wellness, and lifestyle blog by health coach Steph Thysse . The blog features posts about yoga and the benefits of incorporating it into your daily routine. In addition, the blog focuses on yoga as a lifestyle (not just as a workout), covering topics such as eating right , sipping green tea , traveling , fitness and exercise , living from the heart , weight loss tips, being mindful , meaning , fashion trends, and style . Thysse also covers books, inspirational quotes , and her outlook on life.

Thysse adopted the nickname "Yoga Girl" while working as a yoga instructor at Bend Yoga in Bend, Oregon. After leaving her job at Bend Yoga, she began writing a blog about what she had learned there.

Steph Thysse studied Russian literature in college and worked in women's apparel for about eight years before going on to study yoga and nutrition at Bauman College in Portland, Oregon. She graduated from Bauman College with an associate degree in holistic health and wellness, and later with a BA in wellness studies from Portland State University . With her BA, Thysse also earned the Certified Health Coach certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Global Awareness Center in Portland.

Yoga Anytime was officially launched in March 2008 with the name "Yoga Girl Up North," but has since been known as "Yoga Anytime" and now "Yoga Anytime Fitness."

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