5 Super Simple Exercise Tips


 5 Super Simple Exercise Tips

1) Find something you enjoy doing.
2) Add an interval training element to the activity you enjoy. For example, if you like running outside, set a timer for 2 minutes of running and 1 minute of walking or jogging.
3) Do something in your home that has an interval training element built into it that is cardio intensive, such as stairs – 15 seconds up and 45 seconds down (or longer). 
4) Walk instead of taking the escalator or elevator 
5) Take the stairs instead of the elevator at work.

The blogger recommends five simple exercise tips to improve health: find something enjoyable to do, add an interval training element (e.g. walking for half a mile then jogging for half a mile), do something in the home that has an element of interval training built into it, walk instead of taking the escalator or elevator, and take the stairs instead of the elevator at work. She emphasizes that consistency is key to developing healthy habits.

Karen Young was born in New York City and grew up in New Jersey. She earned an American Studies degree from Wesleyan University (1984). Her early work experience includes stints as a family therapist, behavioral health provider, child care instructor, English teacher abroad, and public school teacher. She also worked as a sportswriter for the "Boston Herald" and "The Providence Journal".

In 2009, Young became a contributing editor of "Shape", an international health magazine. In 2010, she was one of the founders of Body Beautiful Magazine, an online publication for women who are attracted to fitness and bodybuilding; she is also the editor-in-chief. Young holds certifications in personal training with NFPT and Kinesio Taping from the International Sports Sciences Association.

Young is a visiting professor at both New York University and Emerson College's School for Communication & Journalism/Journalism department as well as adjunct faculty at Emerson College's School of Health Policy & Management.

Young is married to Mark Block. They have two children together.

Young's articles have been published in "Redbook", "Cosmopolitan", "Woman's Day", "Shape", and other publications. Her work has appeared in academic journals, including "New York University Journal of International Law and Politics" and the journal of international relations at Boston University. Her article, titled "The Vexing Issue of Abortion," won the National Communication Association's award for outstanding student article on an international issue in 2007.

Young is the author of several books, including "The Body Beautiful Business: The Ultimate Fitness Industry Guide" (published in 2010), which presents strategies and best practices for success in the fitness industry in a business guide to fitness professionals.

Young has been interviewed by or featured on news sites such as "The New York Times", Daily Finance, 24/7 Wall Street, My Healthy Life and others. Her advice has been published in health and lifestyle magazines such as "Shape", "Muscle & Fitness Hers", FitSugar, and Oxygen Magazine. She has been quoted on the subject of fitness in publications such as "Salon", "The Boston Globe", and "The Providence Journal".

Young is a guest expert for the website Parenting.com, which offers fitness and children's health advice. She is also a panelist for the Webinar, "Fitness and Pregnancy: What You Really Need to Know," taught by Randy Whitcomb, DC from the Tri-State Institute of Applied Nutrition.

Young is an adjunct professor at Emerson College's School of Health Policy & Management

In 2010, Young was awarded "Humanitarian Award" from the International Society of Fitness Professionals.

In 2015, Young was inducted into the Hall of Fame for the Fitness Industry by the International Federation of Health Clubs.

<br>Her website: http://karenyoungfitnessenthusiast.com/

Bullying at school has nothing to do with my weight loss program, 25 July 2009 at 5:37 PM 
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<br>Her blog here: http://www.bodybeautifulmagazine.com/author/karen-young/?p=122


<br>1,000+ words on human rights and fitness: http://www.theguardian.com/human-rights-network
<br>Her blog here: http://karenyoungfitnessenthusiast.com/

<br>More than 1,000 words: "The Vexing Issue of Abortion" http://www.internationalrelationsjournal.net/?p=5259

<br>Her blog here: http://www.bodybeautifulmagazine.com/author/karen-young/?p=122

<br>Her blog here: http://www.bodybeautifulmagazine.com/author/karen-young/?cat=11



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<br>Her blog here: http://www.bodybeautifulmagazine.com/author/karen-young/?cat=20#comment-11494491 


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