A Guide to Disposable Digital Cameras


 A Guide to Disposable Digital Cameras

A Guide to Disposable Digital Cameras

Many people are not aware of the different types of digital cameras that are available for purchase. With so many on the market, it can be difficult to decide which type is best for you. So we've put together a guide on some popular camera models and their features so that you're armed with information before going out and buying one! 

If you're looking for a camera to take pictures this summer or if photography is your passion, check out our guide! 

- A quick breakdown introduction of each type of camera: disposable vs semi-disposable vs durable vs waterproof digital cameras.

- History of these types of cameras and how they've evolved over time.

- What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a disposable or semi disposable camera? If you're looking at buying one, it's a good idea to find out what features make a better choice. Some people will argue that there are no advantages to using a disposable because they're not going to have their pictures developed, but if you spend the money on developing costs with your photos, then you might as well just use something more advanced; most people don't realize that film is 24 exposures per roll and buy extra packs anyway so they can get more uses out of it.

- A list of what types of cameras are available and how you can find them.

- What digital camera features do you need? Is your camera going to be used for travel? If so, how durable is it? How do you know which one is right for you? Do your research and learn all that you can about cameras so that when you go shopping, you're armed with the right information. This way, you'll make a better decision with your money and won't end up having to go back for something that's not suitable later on in life.
How to use a disposable camera properly: Take at least 10 pictures. If you don't, the memory card will be erased and you'll have to get a new one.
- A video explaining how to take a picture!
List of Disposable Digital Cameras:
1. Polaroid EasyShare C-530 Digital Camera
2. LDC C530 Digital Camera with 16 MB SmartMedia Card (Dirt Cheap)
3. Fuji Finepix Z1 Pro Ultra Zoom (Dirt Cheap) (Includes 18mm, 35mm, 50mm Lens) [NOTE: The video is outdated as it mentions that there is no longer an AC Adapter included in this set.]
4. Kodak EasyShare DX6490 Digital Camera (No Battery Included)
5. Kodak EasyShare DX6495 Digital Camera with Lithium-Ion Battery Pack (Dirt Cheap)
6. Kodak EasyShare DX6500 Zoom Digital Camera with Lithium-Ion Battery Pack [NOTE: The video is outdated as it mentions that there is no longer an AC Adapter included in this set.]
7. Kodak PictureMate Z612 Film Camera (Dirt Cheap) (Includes 35mm and 110mm Lens) [NOTE: The video is outdated as it mentions that there is no longer an AC Adapter included in this set.]
8. Kodak EasyShare M550 Zoom Digital Camera (Dirt Cheap)
9. Kodak EasyShare CX6330 Digital Camera
10. Kodak EasyShare Z712IS 12MP Digital Camera (No Battery Included)
11. Fuji FinePix F50FD Compact Digital Camera with 4x Optical Zoom (Dirt Cheap)
12. Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W1 5 MP 3 x Optical Zoom Digital Camera (No Battery Included) [Note: There were a few reports complaining that the USB cord didn't work, but we'll include it here anyway for the sake of the article as this can be replaced easily.] 
13. Sony Cybershot DSC-W100 Digital Camera with 4x Optical Zoom (Includes 4GB SDHC Card) [Note: The USB cords may or may not work.]
14. Fujifilm Finepix Z612 Digital Camera
15. Fuji FinePix F50FD Digital Camera with 2.5-inch LCD and 4x Optical Zoom (Includes 16MB SmartMedia Card)
16. Fuji FinePix F50FD Digital Camera with Zoom Lens and 2.5-inch LCD Touch Screen (Includes 16MB SmartMedia Card)
17. Canon PowerShot A410 IS Network Digital Camera 
18. Sony DCR-DVD730E Camcorder
19. Canon PowerShot S5 IS Digital Camera
20. Kodak V610 Zoom Digtal Camera (No AC Power Adapter Included)
21. Kodak EasyShare C300 Digital Camera with 3-inch LCD and 5x Optical Zoom (Dirt Cheap)
22. Kodak EasyShare V550 Zoom Digital Camera with Superzoom 5x Optical Zoom and 2-inch LCD (Dirt Cheap)
23. Kodak EASiSHARE CX6230 Digital Camera with 3-inch LCD Touch Screen & 12x Optical Zoom [NOTE: The AC power cord may not work properly.] 

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Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/technology-articles/a-guide-to-disposable-digital-cameras---disposable-vs--semi--disposable--1353383.html
Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/technology-articles/a-guide-to-disposable-digital-cameras---disposable-vs--semi--disposable--1353383.html
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As you can see, there are a wide range of cameras that are available for you no matter what you may be looking for. You have choices from budget friendly cameras to ones that will allow you to record your life in a way that others cannot. It's amazing to see how far these cameras have come and how easy it is now to capture moments in life that will be remembered forever. 
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