A Photo Blanket: The Perfect Gift for Any Occasion


 A Photo Blanket:  The Perfect Gift for Any Occasion

Introducing the perfect gift for any occasion: Photo Blankets!
Photo blankets are a warm, gooey-topped slice of memories, designed to be passed down for generations to come. But what's more, they're also a great way to show off your own personal tastes and style, while at the same time keeping your family happy with a personalized gift that will last year after year.

It doesn't matter if you want to commemorate a birthday, anniversary or milestone event like a graduation — heirloom photo blankets are the ultimate present for preserving cherished memories. And don't forget about Mother's Day! These unique gifts are sure to put mom on cloud nine and keep her smiling all season long.
Photo blankets are woven with the finest poly-acrylic, making them soft to the touch. The whole process is very easy and doesn't cost a fortune either. In fact, you can get high quality photo blankets for well under $100. This is thanks to the fact that photo blanket machines can now use a photo or graphic from your computer to create any custom size blanket in seconds! So, whether you're looking for an 11" by 14" cuddly throw, twin size bedding or full-size mat — there's an option for everyone.
Photo Blankets are the perfect way to show off your personal taste and style. With a photo blanket, you can bring your favorite image or pattern into your home in a big way and make it your own! There are endless ways to personalize your blanket, from the accent colors to the size of the print itself. And with custom woven blankets you won't have any trouble making a picture-perfect gift.
For example, if you're looking for something on the smaller side for grandma's room, then you might want to go with an accent color that matches her curtains or maybe even go with a throw pillow that presents her favorite memory in a compact size that easily matches most rooms.
Photo blankets are a great way to add color and texture to your home. You can get them in all sorts of fun colors, patterns and sizes. So for a vintage look you can choose something with vintage graphics, for a more contemporary look you could go with an abstract design or even a border — the options are endless! And don't forget about the size too. If you're on a budget, but want to get grandma something special, consider going with mini blanket sizes. The smaller size is great for smaller spaces like bathroom or the nursery — think of them as decorative pillows that will be easy enough for grandma to use as she sleeps or sits.
Photo blankets are also the ultimate way to keep grandma smiling! There's a nice symmetry in having a blanket that she can use as a bedspread or throw. And they're also wonderful gifts for mom, whether you want one for her living room, bedroom or even the kitchen. Here are some ideas:
If you're looking for something more personal and unique, then you can go with a design that features grandma's photo or pet (or both!).  It'd be great to have something that she views when she sits on her lounge chair with ease, as well as when she lays down to go to sleep at night. 
A photo blanket is a great way to have grandma's favorite image on display in her home, but in a size that she can easily carry around and take with her wherever she goes.
For someone who has started a new chapter in life, perhaps after retiring or moving into assisted living, a picture blanket is the perfect gift for the home. It can even be framed and hung from the wall - for an even more special memory!
"It's All About Sharing Good Times"
If you're looking for something more affordable but still want to get grandma something that will really put a smile on her face — think about going with personalized throw blankets instead. They're the perfect size to hug her in her favorite chair and will be easy enough for her to travel with as well, if she decides to.
Photo blankets are not only the perfect gift, they also serve as a new way to preserve and share memories that you just can't find anywhere else! Whether you choose to go with a more affordable throw blanket or a larger photo blanket that fills the space of your entire wall — it's all about sharing good times and making great memories with those closest to you.
Photo Blankets are also great for warm summer days! You can sit back and relax on your patio or veranda while reading a book or having lunch with family and friends. You can even bring your blanket with you when you go on a vacation and use it as a picnic blanket or beach bag. And of course using it out at all! It's also great just to wrap yourself in while sitting outside, with the sun shining down on your blanket. It'll be like having your own little cloud in the form of a throw! But don't forget about those cooler nights when you want to capture the most wonderful fall colors too!
Ready to make that special gift?
Photo Blankets are not the only option for wrapping up that perfect gift. You can also consider personalized blankets, which can be used for bedding, baby accessories or even for cuddling up by the fireplace on winter nights.
For more ideas, be sure to visit our website and use our handy dandy search bar at the top of this page. We have the perfect gift for anyone on your list. We also carry a large assortment of other personalized gifts for friends, family and even yourself.
It's about time you found a way to make this year's Christmas shopping easier. Whether you're shopping for grandma or just want something that brings back great memories, you can't go wrong with a photo blanket. For more information, feel free to visit our website today! 
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If you've ever sat around the fireplace with your grandma and talked about all of the wonderful memories you have shared, you might wonder if there could be some way to record these thoughts before they fade away into obscurity. After all, our minds are so incredibly powerful when it comes to remembering things we've done in our lifetime — especially when we are young children.

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