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Here at the web design blog Designhill, we've come up with a list of articles that you should read when deciding whether or not to start a photography business.

First and foremost, it's important to decide what kind of photography you want to do. Next, research your target clientele in order to determine how much business you can expect for each hour of work. Lastly, think about how much time and energy you're willing to put into your craft. If none of these questions are difficult for you then read on!

This post will guide aspiring photographers through the steps required before they can even consider starting their own business in today's competitive market.
The 37 Best Websites To Learn Something New:
1) Your First Trip to a Digital Darkroom:
2) Web Design Boot Camp:
3) Digital Photography School:!intro
4) Photofocus Magazine:
5) The Fstoppers:
6) The Luminous Landscape:
7) DIY Photography:
8) SLR Lounge:
9) Blurt Magazine:
10) The Strobist Blog:
12) Technology in the Classroom:
13) The Online Photographer:
14) Light Stalking:
15) iPhonography Pro:!howto3
16) Dpreview Tutorial Zone:
17) Digital Photography School:!intro
18) PetaPixel:
19) DSLR Shooter:
20) lomography:
21) Strobist Online Store:
22) Flickr:
23) CreativeLive:
24) Lensbaby News:
25) Strobist Community:
26) B&H Photo Video:
27) Andrew and Chris:
28) Duffs Experience:
29) Digital Photography School:!intro
30) Photographer's Guide to Photography Blogging:
31) Fstoppers:
32) ePhotoZine: m_content=digital-photography-school
33) PetaPixel: _campaign=Send%2Bdaily
34) Digital Photography School:!intro
35) DIY Photography:
36) Fstoppers:
37) The Luminous Landscape:
Still interested? Read on...
Here's how to get started:
1) Pick a niche and research it until you know what kinds of photography people like! You can find this out by do some searching on Google and Facebook and following the various groups that are out there pertaining to your niche. If there is no one who shares the same interest, design your own group! You would be surprised at how many photographers are on forums looking for like-minded individuals.
2) Create a portfolio. This doesn't have to be quite as in-depth as you might think but it should at least include some of your best shots. When you post your work, tag it with keywords specific to your niche. Make sure that the captions are accompanying each photo and that each photo has a link back to you so that people can find more of your work if they liked what they saw.
3) Get expensive equipment and start shooting! If you can get free equipment, all the better for you! The only thing that is stopping you from getting good shots are the tools of the trade (aside from skill).
4) Find a service that you can do well and will have continuity. If you run out of content, you will need to market your services to keep getting clients so make sure that you pick something that is easy to set up and maintain.
5) Start marketing on social media! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ are all free ways to market yourself. Use hashtags! You need as many people as possible to see your work in order to get new clients so make sure that the search engines can pick up on all of your photos. This step is vital if you want new clients because the services that most people like don't work with the big boys (Facebook, etc.

Conclusion: So there you have it! You've just finished reading one of the first articles in how to start your photography business. The quote above is by F. Scott Fitzgerald, an American novelist and short story writer. It's also applicable to how many people think about starting a small business, especially when they are just starting out. There are many misconceptions around starting a business and many things that will dissuade people from even trying to start something but if you can overcome these barriers then you will be able to fulfill your dream of becoming a photographer (or whatever you're into!).

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