All About Photography


 All About Photography

The art of photography has been around for quite some time. If you’re a beginner looking to get started, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we cover everything from camera equipment and camera settings to how to perfect exposure and composition.

This is your ultimate guide for how to take amazing photographs. We'll teach you everything from understanding aperture and shutter speed, all the way up to post-production editing techniques like RAW processing! This is a complete course in photography that will allow you to vastly improve your skills with just a few hours of reading (and then some practice).

Table of Contents
Beginner Photography Tips & Tricks - How To Shoot Video On Your DSLR Camera - Camera Settings You Need To Know - Understanding Exposure Triangle & Modes On A DSLR Camera - How to Take Sharp Photos - What Is Aperture (And how To Use It) + 11 Useful Tips For You - How to Use Shutter Speed (and why it’s important) + 9 tips for you - Using ISO Sensitivity and Why It's Important in Photography - What is White Balance and How to use it right? (with tips for beginners) - 7 Things You Need To Consider Before Using Flash In Your Photos - Useful Tips For Using Flash With Your DSLR Camera (How To Get The Best Out Of It.
How To Edit Your Photos – All About RAW Files & How To Process Them Like A Pro - How To Format Your Memory Card (some Tips) - Digital Camera Accessories For Beginners - Choosing The Right DSLR Camera For You - Creating Depth In Photography: How to Capture Unique Images With Interesting Perspective
How To Shoot In Low Light and Learn From My Mistakes    -   How To Edit Photos With Lightroom (A Quick Step by Step Guide + Tips) - Why Depth of Field Is Important for Your Portrait Photography (Tips for shooting amazing portraits) - Using Vibration Reduction Lenses Correctly – Everything You Need to Know (7 tips that you need to know when using a lens with VR function)
How. to Shoot Panoramas and How I use Photoshop to Create Mine    -   How to use a neutral density filter - What is a UV filter and why you need it for your lens? (plus buying guide)
How To Shoot Macro (Iris, Helicon, Extension Tubes) - Portrait and Product Photography Tips & Tricks - 10 Common Photo Mistakes And How To Fix Them – Consistent Lighting In Your Photos with Practic e
Photography Composition Tips (Camera Angle, Blocking Subject & Framing)
Introduction to DSLR Video (A Few Quick Tips for Beginners – Recorded with Nikon D5100 & Sigma 28mm F1.8)
How to Use Your iPhone For Photography (Everything You Need To Know)
Post Production (Editing Your Photos with Photoshop) From Start to Finish  -  11 Things You Should Never Do When Taking Photos
–           How To Shoot Lens Flare Effect In A Creative Way And How To Use It For Your Benefit - Post Production Editing Tips for Beginners (Using Photoshop CS5 & Camera RAW)- My Complete Guide On How I Edit My Photos - 12 Quick Tips On How I Create My Artistic Images- Give Yourself The Shot – Advanced Macro Photography for Beginners How To Make Miniature  
Photography (Macro Shots and Still Life – Everything You Need To Know): 10 Tips For Photographers Who Want Better Macro Photography.
Many of us also love to travel and love to capture the moment... but at times struggle with our composition.  Here are some tips that will help you take better travel photos.
Here are 10 tips for improving your landscape photography in almost no time! Here I list my most important points in how to capture a beautiful landscape photograph... Tips such as the use of telephoto lenses, filters, and more!  
If you're looking for ways to become a better photographer then this is for you!   From camera techniques to composition advice these photography tips will help you improve your skills and create amazing photographs.  This is a great starting guide for all levels of photographers.
Post-production editing, HDR, and creative effects.  My top 11 tips for post-processing your photos in Photoshop   This is a great beginners guide to the basics of post-production editing and how to use it in your photography.   A full course!
Intro to Photography: My Complete Tutorial on How To Shoot Beautiful Romantic Photos    - How To Create Unique Photographs With Beautiful Light – The Most Important Determination In Photography Is Yours! Find Out What It Is Here .
10 Tips For Better Travel Photography - (Tips For Taking Better Travel Photos)   The more you travel, the more you learn about what makes a good photograph.  Here are my 10 basic tips for taking better travel photographs...
15 Tips For Better Landscape Photography - (Tips For Taking Beautiful Landscapes)  Landscapes are about enhancing your composition so that you can get a better final image.  Here are my 15 basic tips for improving your composition and creating the best perspective every time.
This is a guide for beginners to advanced photographers.   My personal top 10 tips on how to take better photos and how to make them look professional.  It is always nice when someone can take you through the process step-by-step allowing you to learn in small increments at any level of photography skill level.  This is a perfect guide for someone who is just starting out with photography or someone who has been shooting for a while and wants to be better.

I would highly recommend this book to all photographers no matter what level you are at.  The content found in this book is not only a great reference for your day by day work, but is also a great resource that can be used as a quick guide or to learn from for beginners.  It's an extremely useful resource and will help you improve your photography skills very quickly.  
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