Benefits of Fish Oil for Fitness and Health


 Benefits of Fish Oil for Fitness and Health

Fish oil is a natural supplement, rich in Omega 3s and other healthy nutrients that can contribute to many aspects of your health. As it has gained prominence, more people are turning to fish oil for all sorts of benefits.

This post will explore the specific benefits of fish oil for fitness and general health. We'll talk about what you can expect from taking the supplements, as well as their possible long-term effects on your body and mental wellness.

In a perfect world, we would all consume enough fish to get our daily dose of Omega-3s. It's said that two servings of fatty fish can supply you with the adequate amount of Omega 3s you need. But in a country like ours, where meat and dairy are staples on most people's plates, it is difficult for us to reach this goal without supplements. By some estimates, only 11% of Americans eat the recommended amount of fish each week!

What Exactly Are Omega 3s?

Omega 3s are natural fats found throughout nature. Fish oil contains the most concentrated form of these fats, called Alpha Linolenic Acid (ALA). When consumed, these fats are readily converted to other types of fatty acids in your body.

Some of the Omega 3s in fish oil can be found in leafy greens, such as kale and spinach. These greens have been shown to contain up to four times more Omega 3s per calorie than salmon or other types of fish oils. It is because these natural sources contain a larger amount of ALA that people have started taking them instead of fish oils for their supplements.

Why Supplements?

More and more people are taking fish oils supplements for their health benefits. According to Scientificaily, there was a significant increase in sales of omega-3s supplements in the United States between 2012-2013. Even though fruits and vegetables have been proven to contain higher quantities of these essential fatty acids, there isn't a safe or effective way to accumulate them quickly and regularly enough that they will be present in your system every day. Omega 3s are found naturally in seafood products like salmon, mackerel, trout, herring, sardines and tuna. Certain types of flax seeds also have a high level of ALA.

The Best Types of Supplements to Take

When it comes to supplements, there are three types that stand out: fish oils, krill oil and algae oil. Fish oils contain around two times as much EPA and DHA per calorie than krill or algae. Krill and algae also contain more of the long-chain Omega-3s that are not common in fish oils. The shorter chain fatty acids in these supplements are easier to absorb, but the longer chain fatty acids have been linked to increased cardiovascular benefits.

Dosage for Health Benefits

What's recommended is to take a 1 gram serving of fish oil supplement every day for your health benefits. For example, if you take 10 grams a day, you'll be getting double the amount recommended. This is great for those who want immediate results, but it can lead to adverse side effects such as "fish burps," water retention, loose stools and even diarrhea. If you absolutely hate swallowing fish oil capsules or are having trouble digesting them properly, there are other ways to add Omega 3s into your diet that may require less ingestion of pills. You can use sardines for salads and tuna in your pasta dishes!

What Fish Oil Can Do For Your Health

Fish oil has many benefits for general health and wellness, as well as athletic enhancement.

Fish oil supplements are beneficial for people looking to improve their heart health. They have been shown to increase the HDL cholesterol in your blood, which is associated with a lower risk of coronary artery disease. The fish-oil supplements mentioned above are some of the most effective ones out there with all natural and healthy ingredients. There was also a study done on people as young as 18 that showed an increase in HDL cholesterol levels after just two weeks of supplementation.

Other benefits have to do with certain hormone levels, especially with women! According to a study by the University of Reading, women who took fish oil supplements had less inflammation in their blood and lower triglycerides (which causes weight gain) than non-supplemented women.

Fish oil also helps with cognitive function. A study done in 2008 on people with mild cognitive impairment showed that the group that took fish oil supplements had improved brain functioning and performed better than the non-supplemented group.

Finally, fish oil has been shown to decrease inflammation in the body, which can help with different types of pain. Studies have shown it to help with joint pain, fibromyalgia and migraines, which is especially exciting because these are very common complaints for people today.

Remember that you should always consult with your doctor before taking any supplements. This article will serve as a great guide if you're looking for ways to incorporate fish oils into your daily diet, but you should also talk to your medical professional to see if they have any recommendations. Join the conversation on the Battle Born Fitness Facebook page, and share what type of nutrients are important to you!

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