Breathing – an Important Factor in Fitness


 Breathing – an Important Factor in Fitness

Every athlete at some point faces the question, "Should I be doing breathing exercises during my workout?" The answer is yes. If you want to work out for longer and harder, go ahead and keep your breath in throughout your workout; if you don't mind stopping a few times in order to catch air, then it might be the perfect time to start using this breathing technique.

Here's why:

- It makes you more alert;      it increases your mental and physical performance (during exercise or other activities), as well as your endurance levels.

- It can boost your confidence and self-esteem

- It tones your abdominal & chest muscles.  It helps you stay fit and confident even after you run out of steam or get tired.  If you have got a strong core, it also helps to prevent injury.
These are the main reasons why people see benefits in breathing exercises while exercising on long runs or intense workouts of other types. You must try to keep your breath in while working out, for maximum results. Breathing exercises such as chest breathing or abdominal breathing are very beneficial since they increase the oxygen supply to the brain which makes one feel more alert than ever before.

The saying goes that the mind and body are connected. The mental aspect makes one perform better mentally and physically. The best part about breathing exercises is that they can be done almost anywhere without any kind of equipment, making it convenient for people with busy lives who cannot find the time to go to a gym. All you need to do is maintain the right posture and do your exercises every day. This will keep you fit and ready for any work out or competition you may have in store for yourself.
There are many reported cases of athletes who have used breathing exercises as a technique for success in sports competitions such as marathon runs, triathlon, swimming et cetera.

- Chest Breathing: maintains the proper degree of breathing in the chest – it is done by raising the arms toward the ceiling and breathing in through your nose, but instead of air coming out through your mouth, it's being inhaled. This will increase oxygen to the brain and muscles and allows you to perform better.
- Abdominal Breathing: expect this method to be helpful for people who have had a bad experience with breathing exercises in the past because they gave you air when exercising or made you feel as though your lungs were full of excess air that was causing you to strain during an intense workout. Abdominal breathing is done by inhaling when your stomach sticks out, instead of sucking in your stomach. In addition to that, you exhale when you pull in your stomach.
This stands for breathing exercises and physical fitness in general. It is good to note that not all the people who are exercising get to see results from it. There are many reasons why one does not see immediate results or effects from practicing some sport or other activity; there are too many factors that come into play and once they do, it's very difficult to analyze them all and address them accordingly. The main reason why one does not see results from practicing physical fitness exercises is because they do not do everything right.
When you do your exercises perfectly, you will achieve so much more. If you are doing it and doing it right, then you will be able to see immediate results in physical fitness; if not, though, then there's nothing that can stop the negative effects of exercise those health issues that affect the body quite a bit.
However, with that being said, some people have very bad experiences with physical fitness exercises because they were doing them incorrectly or just very wrong while exercising.
If you are to practice physical fitness exercises, you should make sure that you do them correctly so as to see the results you are looking for. Don't expect things to change overnight; within several months, though, you will notice the progress and after even one or two months, no one can deny your new healthy appearance and physical form.
It's worth noting that once a person starts off with their new exercise program and finds out they are not getting results from it or experiencing negative effects of physical fitness training – they can lose interest pretty fast and thus quit doing them.
So in order for you to get your body back in shape, you should remember the things that were mentioned above and make sure that you do them correctly and at least as good as you can so as to see the results. Anything else is simply wasted time and energy because seeing results requires a lot of hard work. What also plays a big role in this is how long one intends to exercise on a regular basis.
Take notice of your body and figure out what exercises will be beneficial to it. You don't want to make things worse by doing bad exercises or by doing too many because rushing into it might be damaging your health more than it already has been damaged.
You should only do physical fitness exercises if you can do them every day. The results will be worth it because your body will look better than ever before and most importantly, you will stay healthy overall. There are several websites which provide information about different exercises; the benefits of doing them, how much time you should dedicate to each and what to expect from doing them.
You can also ask a professional about what exercises are appropriate for your body and how to go about performing them. You can also discuss with your doctor whether or not exercising is good for you and how much of it should be done.
Because he or she knows the ins and outs of your body, he or she can provide you with the best possible options for getting a properly-toned body or to maintain good health. So if you are one of those people who want to look good and feel good, you should definitely start doing some fitness exercises every day.
The main reason why there are so many people who do not see results from their efforts is because they do not dedicate themselves to working out every day and they do not dedicate enough time and effort in performing them correctly. They often rush through it, which does more damage than good.

Conclusion to the above :
I have tried to compile as much information available about breathing exercises and hope that you find this helpful. The book, "The 12 Minute Athlete" by Mark Divine still has chapters to be written on, so please share your learnings and thoughts on the subject at our forum.

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