Can you inventory all your computers in 2 clicks?


 Can you inventory all your computers in 2 clicks?

There are about 200 computers with more than 500 users in the company. How many machines do you think it takes to run a full inventory? With QuickBooks, the answer is only 2 clicks. QuickBooks Online makes it easy to learn how to manage your entire company's computer hardware inventory. Read this article for simple steps on how you can get started using QuickBooks Online right away!

Inventorying and assessing your assets, both tangible and intangible, is not an easy task. It involves calculating the cost of assets and ascertaining the financial condition of each asset. The objective is to have an overall picture of all the assets in which you are interested.

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Inventorying Computer Hardware in QuickBooks Online
Prepare Estimates of Your Inventory With QuickBooks Online! (Part 1)Prepare Estimates of Your Inventory With QuickBooks Online! (Part 2)How to Manage Business Assets with QuickBooks Enterprise SolutionsTaking Care Of Business...With Great SoftwareFor more on Accounting and QuickBooks solutions, visit us at  and .
What is QuickBooks Online?
QuickBooks Online is:
• Cloud computing application that is used by businesses to manage their financial information online.
• An accounting software that can be accessed from your desktop, laptop or any mobile device from anywhere at any time without installing any software.
• A suite of applications such as QuickBooks Payments, and Billing that help you automate and simplify the way you accept payments and bill your clients or customers.
QuickBooks provides a dependable platform that makes it easier for businesses to manage their financial information online in real time.
• QuickBooks Online is an online application that allows business owners to view, manage and automate the financial information of their business. It provides a platform for businesses to manage sales, accounts receivable, payables, set up credit card processing and tax files.
QuickBooks Online can also be used as an accounting software that allows you to keep track of billing statements, customer invoices and expenses automatically.
If you are wondering how QuickBooks Online works, here are a few common functionalities:
1.  Create Purchase Orders:  You can now create purchase orders that include line item amounts and descriptions on the same screen as customer names in your sales database with one click.
2.  Create Invoices:  Create invoices, sales orders, and purchase orders with customized information for your clients or customers on the same screen with your customer database. This is made possible through the integration of technology into QuickBooks Online.
3.  Create Credit Memos:  QuickBooks Online can now import customer credit information and automatically generate a credit memo if you have entered an invoice or credit card payment in QuickBooks Online.
4.  Search Customer Information: You can find specific customers or billing addresses by name or category using the search feature from any record in your billing system (Salesforce), inventory, customer list, purchases, and income statement in one click.
5.  Get Data from You can now get customer information such as customer name, telephone number, address, and notes from directly into QuickBooks Online. You can also create new customers or add or change customer contact details in directly from your QuickBooks Online transaction list.
6.  Track Activity: After setting up credit card processing with your merchant service provider, you will be able to track credit card activity in real time using QuickBooks Online and receive email alerts regarding payment and chargeback activity for your business transactions directly through you merchant service provider website.
7.  Merge Bills: You can now merge purchase orders from with your QuickBooks Online bills and invoice and you will no longer have to enter the information for each request separately.
8.  Export Transaction List: You can now export transaction lists in HTML, PDF, or Excel format directly from your business accounting software by using the QuickBooks Online transaction list toolbar for Windows. This can be used as a spreadsheet that you can use to create invoices, credit memos and confirmations.
9.  Make Payments: You can make payments through credit card processing to your clients or customers directly through QuickBooks Online and also receive email alerts regarding payment and chargeback activity for your business transactions directly through you merchant service provider website.
10.  Export Accounts Receivable Data: You can export data from your accounts receivable system directly into QuickBooks Online to make it easier to create invoices and pay off your customers when they are due.
11.  Create Estimates in QuickBooks Online: You can create estimates for jobs you want to bid on, and send the estimate directly to your client from your mobile phone or tablet using the new mobile apps. This means you don't have to stop what you're doing when a customer calls with a question or request--you can access customer information securely online, transfer it to your mobile device, and get back on the job faster!
12.  Securely Accept Credit Card Payments: Get your business online and start accepting payments right away by setting up credit card processing with your merchant service provider. You can accept credit cards from anywhere, anytime, at any time without the need to be in the office or store. Just set it up and forget about it.
13.  Pay Bills: No more missing deadlines for paying bills and no more messy stacks of bills! QuickBooks Online helps you pay your bills on time, automatically create alerts when a bill is due or past due, categorize bills by status and payment method (such as credit card or cash), track balance due on each payment method so you know how much is owed on each account number, and more.
14.  Securely View and Share Transactions: You can now access your business transactions securely online and collaborate with other QuickBooks Online users by sharing transactions with them using the QuickBooks Online transaction list. You can combine your business transactions from different accounts into one list, access the same information from multiple locations, and send reports to other users for reviewing.
15.  Create QuickBooks Invoices: If you are a professional in the fields of accounting or finance, you'll be able to create invoices directly from within QuickBooks Online, and email invoices directly from your mobile device (iPhone/iPod Touch; iPad; Android Smartphone or Tablet).

Conclusion: QuickBooks Online features many features that are similar to the desktop version of QuickBooks.
Although it can accommodate small commercial businesses with small numbers of accounts and customers, there are several restrictions and limitations to using the software in these instances. The most significant limitations include the fact that you cannot add or edit customers, make withholdings, or view a print P&L report.
If your business has a more sophisticated level of accounting records and user access privileges, you may benefit from the advanced capabilities that QuickBooks Online offers.

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