Change Workouts, Reap Benefits!


 Change Workouts, Reap Benefits!

What's the only thing worse than going to a boring workout class? Spending your hard-earned money for a lousy experience and no results.

Thankfully, we've found 37 free websites and apps that do not disappoint. From cult exercises like push-ups to healthier options like jogging or yoga, our list covers it all without breaking the bank. And if you're looking for more information on any of these activities, be sure to visit each website with a browser built specifically for that purpose! If you have less time but still want an engaging workout regimen, sign up for one of these popular fitness classes just once and get discounts on many massage services and other spa services.Being active isn't always easy, so it's good to have options. No matter what your fitness level is, you'll find something on this list that will help you build a longer and healthier life.
1. Bike for Fitness
The site has an awesome interactive map that allows you to choose the distance and difficulty of each route (check it out during off-peak hours, though). Before or after your ride, you can upload your results so they are vizualized here! As a bike commuter I love this idea - especially with the weather getting colder and windier.
You can save a workout on your blog or website. The workouts are then available to view at any time in the future, and you can also set up goals to be reached by a certain date. It's really easy to see how many calories you've burned and the distance you have travelled. 
2. Tabata Routine for Beginners
Tabata training is a high intensity workout routine that uses 20 seconds of intense exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest repeated 8 times for four rounds, which is then followed with another 20 seconds of exercise and 10 seconds rest for 4 more rounds! Currently, there are no free mobile Apps but this may change soon so check back!
3. Free Yoga Classes
This app offers a variety of basic forms of yoga that are specifically meant for different body parts. There are also links to Youtube videos to help you better understand the poses and more advanced yoga moves. 
4. Healthy Pregnancy Workouts from Fit Pregnancy Magazine  
**** THIS WEBSITE HAS MOVED **** has an amazing selection of routines that will make you feel great throughout your pregnancy! These workouts include stretching, strengthening and aerobic exercises to keep your body moving through all 9 months! This is fabulous because many women do not realize how important it is to remain active during pregnancy. By doing so, you can reduce the risk of developing pre-eclampsia, postpartum depression and more. Fit Pregnancy also offers a variety of additional resources that will keep you and your baby healthy!
5. Cardio Tennis
This website provides an interactive map that shows all the courts in your area that are available for play. Here is an example: If you are looking to get a quick workout this is an excellent idea! Tennis has been proven to be a great exercise as it helps build muscle, improves cardiovascular health, makes you feel high on endorphins and more! This site will also provide information on local tennis clubs if you're interested in playing tennis with others further increasing your social network at the same time.
6. Outdoor Workout Videos
This site offers great workouts for everyone at all levels of fitness. You can choose from bootcamp, endurance training, yoga and more! It also provides a handy schedule to help you follow the correct routine leading to maximum results. Please note you must have an account to view these videos. 
7. Fat Burning Running Workout  (Incline Pro App)  
The first thing that will strike you about this App is the quality of the filming and editing. All the material is good, high-definition, but much of the running footage was filmed in the middle of a desert, with sandstorms and heavy winds (yes, it was in Las Vegas too).
You'll need to have an account to view this workout. I think that's fine - you want to get results anyway.
9. Ab Ripper X Workout  (Free)
This app is designed for men and women over age 40 who want to strengthen their muscles and lose inches around their belly area. The workouts are short and simple so it's easy to record what you do on a daily basis then keep track of your progress!
10. Couch to 5K Workout
A work-at-home Couch to 5K training program that will help you get in shape, lose weight and feel great!
11. Leg Blast Workout  (Free)
This app has been designed to improve your strength and flexibility by doing simple exercises at home. The exercises are not only easy but also incredibly effective! More detailed information about this app may be found on the website.
12.  Venus Flytrap Workout
This is a very fast-paced workout plan created specifically for women, it requires no equipment but some small props can be handy.
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Thinking About Going to the Gym? Here's How to Get the Most Out of it!
By Stephanie Wilson
If you're like me, you'd rather be anywhere but at the gym.


If you think your gym life stinks, then maybe it's time for a change. A study by the American College of Sports Medicine found that people who work out at home are more effective than those in a gym. I guess if your workout sucks, then you're less likely to work out again! The conclusion of the study shows that people who go to the gym are likely to set goals and stick with them, but those who don't attend a gym are more likely to set and achieve goals.

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