Choosing Your First Digital Camera


 Choosing Your First Digital Camera

Digital photography is a wonderful thing, but sometimes it’s hard to know which camera will work best for you. There are a plethora of options to choose from and each camera has its own pros and cons. If you want to find the right one for your needs, consider these factors before buying:

1) What are your budget considerations? 
2) What kind of photos do you want to take?  
3) Do you need a compact camera?  
4) Do you need built-in Wi-Fi or GPS capability (or both)?

These 4 simple questions can help narrow down the options considerably so that picking out your first digital camera becomes less daunting.

You may be thinking that buying your first camera is a pretty simple transaction. We’ve all been there – the salesman comes by and offers you a vast array of options.  However, choosing the right digital camera can actually be quite complicated. Understanding what you need out of a camera can keep this from turning into an exercise in frustration. By answering these 4 questions, you’ll find your digital camera in no time at all!
Q: What are my budget considerations? 
A: This is always very important and one of the first things to consider. If you are just starting out, checking if an entry level digital camera will meet your needs is ideal.
A good price for an entry level digital camera should be around $150-$200. If you find one at a cheaper price, then that’s great! If you find a more expensive camera, it may be worth the extra expense.
Are you going to need to take a lot of pictures? Is the camera only for special occasions? These are important questions to consider when deciding how much money you are willing to spend.
What about memory cards? The memory cards required by your new digital camera are very inexpensive and can also be purchased at most department stores (including Target or Walmart).
Q: What kind of photos will I take?  A: Cameras come in all shapes and sizes nowadays.  You want to make sure that you pick the right camera for the type of photos you most select. 
A good guide to follow is this:  if you plan on taking a lot of sports or action shots, choose a digital SLR camera. For family portraits, birthdays, school events and other special occasions choose a point and shoot digital camera . And if you are looking for something in between, try a hybrid camera.
The most important thing to remember is to think about when and where you will use your camera most frequently. This will help decide which type of camera will be best suited for your needs.
Q: Do I need a compact camera? 
A: Compact cameras can be perfect for those who want to travel with their digital camera and do not want to pack around their heavy DSLR. They are great for people who want to take pictures quickly, like travelers and professionals alike.
If you don’t mind carrying around a little extra weight, then a compact is the perfect choice for you! As long as the images quality is good and you don’t mind carrying around some extra weight, then this is really up to you.
Q: Do I need built-in Wi-Fi or GPS capability (or both)? 
A: For those who want the easiest way to share and upload photos, then having a camera with Wi-Fi capability is a must. You can connect your camera wirelessly to your Smartphone and easily upload photos.
WiFi enabled cameras are pretty easy to find these days. If you don’t have or don’t plan on getting a Smartphone, then you probably do not need WiFi either. That being said, having the option of uploading photos wirelessly is nice for those that intend on using their cameras for anything other than taking pictures for fun.
Q: What camera is the best? 
A: This is really up to you. Will you be taking a lot of action shots? Is the camera for your kids or yourself? Does it need to be compact or are you looking to take pictures of something specific?  Tell yourself why you are buying this particular camera and make sure that it will suit your needs. Once you figure that out, it should be much easier to narrow down your choices and find the best one for you!
Q: Now that I’ve looked at these 4 questions, which one would I buy?
A: Many people ask this question all the time and some digital cameras look very similar. The truth is that there isn’t really a right or wrong answer.  As with most products, it is all about your personal preference.  If you can narrow down your needs and wants, then choosing the right digital camera should be pretty simple!
For example, I was looking at Canon vs Nikon digital cameras. I decided on a Canon based on my budget and what I plan to do with the camera.  I am taking a lot of pictures of my kids, so the point and shoot options were perfect for me. However, someone else may prefer a DSLR over a point and shoot because they want to take action shots or have another reason for needing a more powerful camera. I hope that you have found this article helpful!  If you have any other questions, feel free to leave a comment below or find me on social media.
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If you’d like to learn more about digital cameras, this article may be helpful. This article touches on highlights and tips on the four most essential questions you should always ask when purchasing a new digital camera. I also briefly review what to consider when looking for a digital camera and some other important factors that may affect your decision.

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