Disconnect to Reconnect: Establishing Digital Detox Habits


  Disconnect to Reconnect: Establishing Digital Detox Habits

Tired of being bombarded with information? The vast majority of communication you receive is digital, from apps to emails to social media. In order for us to stay healthy and balanced, the Internet and technology must come with an inherent accountability. Most people struggle between wanting more time off work or spending more time online in their spare time. It’s hard to disconnect without feeling anxious or guilty about missing out on something important. To make this harder, we live under a societal norm that tells us we need constant access in order to be productive members of society.

In a society that has been immersed in the digital age, there is a looming question: What happens to your soul when you are disconnected? Or more accurately, what happens to your creativity? Our soul is what gives us life and brings purpose into our life. When we become disconnected for a few days or weeks, we tend to become bored. We tend to lose our creativity and try distracting ourselves with video games or going back to our favorite TV show. We often do this because technology has provided us with an endless supply of distractions that can keep us occupied for hours and hours on end. If you want to feel alive again when you disconnect, then it’s time for some digital detox. Below are 5 digital detox habits that you can practice for a few weeks to start reconnecting with your soul.
1. Find time for yourself each day that is completely unplugged from technology.
This is the most difficult step, because it takes discipline to be disconnected for a few days or even weeks at a time. You must be able to set aside this time without feeling guilty that you are not being productive or productive enough. By setting aside the time for yourself, you can use this time to engage in activities that will build you up and strengthen your soul rather than detract from it. You can read, meditate, listen to music or talk to friends. If you don’t have any friends you can call or connect with online, why not go do something that is completely unplugged?
2. Learn how to be mindful through meditation and mindfulness techniques.
Most people think of meditation as a Buddhist practice, but it’s not exclusive to spirituality at all. Meditation is a great way to slow down your mind and make better decisions while in daily life. When we develop our mindfulness through meditation, we cultivate our inner strength and become more centered in our lives. We are able to process our thoughts calmly and effectively. It’s great to be mindful so that we can process our thoughts and feelings more effectively.
3. Remind yourself that life is not all about technology.
It’s time to take a break from technology because you deserve it; otherwise, you will never get the chance to reconnect with your soul. How do you remind yourself to go unplugged? Put something on your calendar, such as an event or a night out with friends. This is a great way to motivate yourself to take time off so that you can step away from technology for a few days and come back refreshed and re-energized.
4. Make sure the space where you work is free from distractions from tech and other people.
If you are working on your computer at home, then you should consider putting up some sort of screen to block out the rest of the world. You can also set up a nice desk made for working at home with ample lighting and a comfortable place to sit. It’s important to stay focused on your work because you want to avoid getting distracted by text messages, emails and other forms of technology. With that being said, don’t forget to take breaks during the day so that you can clear your mind and give yourself chances for creativity.
5. Get in touch with your creativity.
Creativity is the driving force that gives you the passion needed to build a successful career. If you are spending too much time on technology, then it’s likely that you don’t have ample time to spend on something creative. Digital detox is the perfect way to get back into your creative mind and make new connections for productivity down the road. Taking a break from technology doesn’t mean saying goodbye to it forever; it simply means that you are going on vacation from social media and technology for a while in order to give yourself a chance at reconnecting with yourself and getting inspired again.
6. Master your notifications in Facebook, Twitter and other social media applications.
You don’t have to completely disable these apps, but you do have to learn how to master your notifications so that you can take time off from social media and not feel guilty about it. It’s much easier to get through the day when you eliminate a few distractions from technology; otherwise, we tend to get “addicted” to a few websites and applications because they provide mundane entertainment or a dopamine rush when we want to keep ourselves occupied for hours. To avoid this, you must always be aware of what information is available on your social media account and how many notifications are coming in at any given time.
7. Practice gratitude throughout your digital detox.
Spending time in nature or doing something creative is a good way to improve your outlook on life. By using the time for yourself, you will learn to appreciate what you have in life and enhance your overall level of happiness. Take time out of your day to be grateful for everything that you have, not just material items that make your life easier. Don’t forget to spend time with interesting people or even adopt an animal at a local shelter. There is always something around you and another person in need of your generosity.
8. Get back into nature as often as possible.
When you disconnect from technology, you will find that your creativity will increase dramatically, and your overall level of happiness will go up as well. This is because when we get back into nature, our mind is allowed to wander and imagine without stimuli around us. There’s something about being in nature that gives us a chance to slow down our minds and learn how to meditate without the need for Buddhist practices. When we spend time getting back in touch with the earth, we are reminded of how small we really are compared to the entire universe at large, which can be very humbling and rewarding at the same time.

We all need a healthy balance of technology in our lives, and although it may be difficult to detach from it for even a short time, you must be careful with your use. Technology is an amazing resource for our generation and can help us to accomplish many things faster than ever before. However, like anything else that we use in our lives, we must not overuse technology in order to avoid feeling disconnected and unproductive. When this is the case, we find ourselves forgetting how to balance ourselves out and become unproductive in our daily lives.

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