Free Zone Launches a New Promotional Site,


 Free Zone Launches a New Promotional Site,

Hi, my name is Melissa and I am your digital happy-go-lucky host for today's blog post on! This website is a one stop shop for all the up to date information regarding Cyber Monday. It has a rundown of the best offers from different retailers to find that perfect gift for someone special this holiday season.

I hope you enjoy this new site, and until next time, keep it free! was recently launched with only one purpose in mind; make shopping easier and more affordable by sharing what offers Halloween trends like cheap deals on clothing items or discounts on consumer electronics. This site is not only dedicated to shopaholics, but also to people who want to save money on their online shopping purchases.

"It has become a proper habit for most of us to shop online with our smartphones and tablets," said Megan Thomas, founder of consulting board. "How better can we celebrate Cyber Monday if we can't find all the best deals in one place?" is created by a team of experts in business consulting service, journalism and marketing that want to make shopping easier for all people.

"Our commitment is to give consumers an easier shopping experience. We want everyone to enjoy the spirit of savings and discounts this season," said Mr. Thomas. "we hope that our site will enable people to do more of their online shopping on this Cyber Monday weekend."

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About theipoddeal: Theipoddeal provides bloggers, journalists and online visitors with all the details they need to make shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday easy for both amateur shoppers and those with more serious budgets. Because we want everyone to save money in stores this holiday season, we've launched this new resource for expert shopping tips. is a one-stop shop that offers consumers all the information they need to find the best deals and discounts on consumer electronics, clothing and gifts during the holiday shopping season. This site has been created by a team of experts who want to make shopping easier for everyone. We invite you to explore our site and discover how it can help you save money while at the same time helping more people stay informed about how to spot Cyber Monday deals. To learn more about Theipoddeal, please visit

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Melissa Green - Happy Go Lucky Host

Premier Forums Administrator.The ipoddeal is a valuable shopping tool that will not only help you save money but also get ideas for all kinds of Christmas,Birthday and other Holiday Gifts for everyone on your list.Waking you up to some great deals this Holiday Season! __________________Premier Forums Administrator.The ipoddeal is a valuable shopping tool that will not only help you save money but also get ideas for all kinds of Christmas,Birthday and other Holiday Gifts for everyone on your list.Waking you up to some great deals this Holiday Season!

2nd Lieutenant(Civ) EnsignSpokane WashingtonUS ArmyRetail is an opportunity not to be missed - but it must be done carefully. If you do not oversell your wares, you may be able to double or treble your profits during the holiday season. Here are a few suggestions which should help you get things organized and keep your customers happy:1. Prepare Several Plan of Action:Maintain a realistic plan of action. Develop several plans for different days and hours. Your first strategy should be based on your shop's weekly business hours.2. Give a discount to military and law enforcement personnel:In the United States, it is customary to give discounts to members of the military and law enforcement personnel during holidays such as Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, Mother's Day. It is also traditional for employers to give their employees the next day off during these holidays too.3. Prepare a Holiday Hourly Schedule:You should prepare a holiday hourly schedule. You should avoid scheduling appointments during the peak shopping hours, even if it means that you will end your day at 11 pm on the day before Thanksgiving.4. Reduce or Close Your Shop for a Short Period:If you run an online business, try to reduce or close your shop for a short period during holidays. The best time to do this is at the end of the year, after having completed all shopping orders and completing your inventory count. This is also a good time to take inventory of things that you lost track of earlier in the year, such as stale products and broken items you haven't been able to replace yet.5. Reduce Your Staffing Level:In order to save money, try to reduce the number of people on staff. During the peak shopping season, you should also try to keep your staff as busy as you can so they will not have time to shop for themselves.6. Utilize In-Store Marketing:If you are planning on using in-store marketing tactics during the holidays, start working with your local merchants now. For example, if your store is located next to a supermarket, be sure to send copies of your holiday brochure or sales flyer there first.7. Practise an "On-Call" Scheduling System:It won't hurt to practice an on-call scheduling system during the holidays. For example, you could schedule appointments for a maximum of two hours in advance. You can also schedule one or two days off during the entire holiday season for yourself.8. Hire Seasonal Help:If you plan to hire seasonal help, you may be able to get them at a lower price if you do so before September.9. Have a Good Ecommerce Website:A good ecommerce website will allow your customers to browse and shop from anywhere and anytime they want, so be sure to have one that is easy to access and use.10. Use the "Best First Strategy":When advertising your wares during the holidays, try to use the best first strategy. For example, if you are selling toys, start with toys that are new and popular.11. Run a Web-based Ecommerce Business:In order to reduce overhead costs and gain exposure for your business, run a web-based ecommerce business. You can run an online shop from your home or office and take orders from anywhere in the world via a website that you have created yourself.12. Have Successful Cyber Monday Deals:There is no better way to boost your Cyber Monday sales than by having successful deals throughout the entire week!13.


There are many things that you can do to ensure that you are ready for the upcoming holiday season. The more prepared your shop is, the less stress your employees will feel and the happier they will be with their jobs. By following these tips, you should be able to make this season as profitable as possible!

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