It pays to be popular as 3 launches revolutionary concept


 It pays to be popular as 3 launches revolutionary concept

Welcome back to school, kids! And while this is a new chapter in your life, it probably feels like a strange one. After all, you've only worn that weird uniform for the last few months and you're feeling that fresh breeze without any textbooks in hand. But while there are some pretty cool things about being back at school (such as meeting new friends!), there are also some not so cool ones (like the fact that you'll never eat lunch outside again!).

But forget about all those negatives for now—here's what's really important: It pays to be popular as 3 launches revolutionary concept. It means changing your career path dramatically and becoming a leader in your field. It means doing something you love every single day. And it means changing the lives of others in an industry that's always searching for new talent.

That's right, we're talking about the communications industry and everything you've been missing out on just by not knowing how special 3 can be. The people, the culture, the creativity and, most importantly, the relevance.

Earlier this year, 3 launched a new campaign called #BeTrue to change how the communications industry works by embracing creativity and helping employees live out their passion. To get the entire industry to get started on this journey, they've decided to do it for you. So here it is—everything you need to know about how 3 can change your career path:

What Is #BeTrue?
The campaign started with an internal tweet by CEO Sree Kotay in January 2016 that said: "To me, truth is what I feel while being true to myself and my values. It's the courage to stand up on my own convictions and not conform." And from there, it just sort of took off(!). But the amazing part is that it was a viral campaign within their company. And once this started to happen, they gave employees a choice: They could either join us in changing our industry or stay where they were. And while only 6% of employees chose to stay, those that did had some very interesting reasons for doing so.

"I've always been an introverted person," said one of them. "But at 3 I've learned how to be more outgoing and talk at conferences." Another one said: "3 is the only place I feel true to myself and at the same time love what I do. I feel like it's the best combination of both worlds." And yet another said: "It's hard to get my head around its success, especially since I've been stagnant for so long and have known that this is the only place I belonged."

So why does #BeTrue matter? Well, because it means a lot to employees when they see their company making the change. "It's not enough that people believe in what you do," said Kotay. "You need to make them believe in why you do it."

Kotay and 3 are hoping #BeTrue will be even more than a campaign—it will be an entire movement. Because they want to change the way the industry works. They want to make this your career path, and they want you to tell them how much you love it!

"What we've realized is that there are people who don't know how special 3 is," said Dilip Venkatachalam, Chief Commercial Officer at 3. "And because of #BeTrue, we're going to show them."

So, if this is something that you'd like to take part in, here's what we ask of you: First, I'd like to know why you want to change your career path. Best answer wins a $100 Amazon giftcard. Second, let's get started on our LinkedIn group! And finally, what do you plan on doing differently? I can promise you it will be a good time!

And that's all there is to it. You don't have much time—just look at Google Trends and tell me what you think of the campaign before November 28th 2016.

Now, who's ready to #BeTrue?


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