Learning to be self-motivated


  Learning to be self-motivated

It’s no secret that motivation is a critical part of personal success. Self-motivation, in turn, can be described as the desire for personal growth and development. People who are self-motivated have a strong drive to learn and grow as individuals. This blog post will guide you through some practical ways to reach your goals no matter what obstacles you face on your journey to success!

##This Introductory Blog Post about how to Overcome Writer's Block
We've all been there before; struggling with writer's block, desperately trying to find new inspiration for our work or school assignments. This feeling of stifled creativity can be very frustrating, and many people do not know how to handle it.

Fortunately, you will overcome writer's block with a little perseverance and hard work. The following steps will help you on your way to becoming a more productive writer.

##Creating Your Plan of Attack:

1) Think about what your problem is

What exactly is blocking you from doing your work? Is it the way in which you are writing is too difficult for you? Do you not like the subject material that much? Figure out why exactly it is that you are so uninspired, and write down any other factors that might be contributing to your writer's block.

2) Find a substitute

When you know the answer to why you are having trouble writing, try brainstorming some different ways that you can tackle your work. Instead of struggling with trying to find the perfect words, perhaps you can just write down your ideas directly? If this is too difficult for you, try using a note pad instead. Perhaps instead of writing in longhand or on paper, it could be better to type up your ideas on your computer and print out the final draft? Whatever way you choose to write or print out your work, just make sure that it is as easy as possible for you to comprehend and do without getting frustrated.

3) Find your inspiration

Now you have to find a way to bring about your motivation. Perhaps you can watch a motivational speaker on the internet? Listen to some of your favorite music? Or try going out for a walk and taking in some fresh air? There are plenty of ways that you can rekindle the fire inside you, but be sure that whatever method you choose for yourself works. You don't want to be forcing yourself through a task that is difficult and un-enjoyable; it will just make matters worse in the long run.

##Get Started with Your Writing Now:

Once you know what exactly is blocking you, and you have found a method for getting past it, start working on your project immediately. Now that you have a plan of action, you should feel much better about yourself. You are now in control of your actions and will soon be able to get back on track with your work. You just need to take that first step!

##Helpful Tools for Writers:

There are several tools that writers can use to help them along the way to getting their work done as easily as possible. Some tools that can help you include:

1) Planning Mapping Tool:

This a great way to get your thoughts in order. If you are having trouble figuring out which direction your writing is going, use this tool to plan out the story and start writing. Once you have several pages written in one direction, go back and review it and use the tool again to plot your next movement.

2) Planner or Notebook:

If you are struggling with writer's block, it can be helpful to get into the habit of keeping a journal of your ideas. Jot down anything new that pops into your head as well as any relevant facts, ideas or inspirations for your work. You may find this technique to be extremely helpful, especially if you have writer's block in the morning or on a long plane ride. You can review and plan out the ideas in your journal and get those pesky words on paper.

3) Word Count Tool:

If you are having trouble getting motivated to write, try using this tool to see what type of responses your writing receives. Will it be a hero's journey or a murder mystery? See what type of responses your writing is receiving, and motivate yourself by making sure that you are working at a pace that is manageable for you.

4) Writing Template

If you are having a hard time finding the right words to express your ideas, try taking some notes on a computer program or piece of paper and then organizing those notes into a basic outline. You can then use this template as inspiration when you are writing about your topic.

5) Music with Inspiration:

Music is an excellent way to get yourself in the mood for writing simply by providing you with the proper energy and mood. Deeply emotional music can help you reach your goal of becoming an accomplished writer, while upbeat music will energize you and get you pumped up to finish off your project quickly.

6) Posture and Breathing Exercises:

There are plenty of benefits to breathing exercises, but if you are having trouble getting motivated it can be helpful to work on your breathing and posture. Changing the way in which you use your body can have a great effect on how you feel, so try out these simple exercises and see what effect they have on your mood. If you cannot catch a few extra hours of sleep, try breathing exercises to help get more restful sleep during the day.

7) Take Breaks from Writing:

Sometimes there is nothing for writers like a good break from work. If you have been struggling with writer's block, try taking a day or two off from writing. Maybe you can spend the time reading through some writing books, planning out your project or getting some feedback from a friend or family member? Whatever you choose to do during your break, do not let it make you feel as if you are slacking off. Taking breaks is an excellent way to get fresh eyes on your work and pick up new pieces of information.

8) Tackle the Big Writer's Block Head-On:

If none of these techniques sound practical to you and all of them seem like they will only make matters worse, then perhaps it is time for a more hands-on approach to solving your problem. What is your writer's block really about? Are you having trouble writing because of your lack of skill or because you have writer's block? If you are having difficulty with writing because the subject is too large for you, then it is time to take a step back and think about how to tackle the big picture first. You can break down a large project into smaller components after developing your plan.

Sometimes it helps to start writing anyway, whether it makes sense or not. The activity of putting words on the page can help lead inspire better ideas and thoughts.


Writer's block can be very frustrating, but the fact of the matter is that every writer experiences it at some point. There are plenty of ways to work around the problem of writer's block so that you can still finish your project. You don't have to let it stop you from writing; in fact, there are several tools out there designed specifically for writers to help them get past those first few stages and start putting their words on paper.

The path to your success is not always easy, but by following this advice and using some online resources you can start writing today and reach your goal of becoming a published author in no time!

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