Learning to manage your own personal projects


  Learning to manage your own personal projects

Stepping up to manage your own personal projects can be scary, for understandable reasons— It feels like being in charge of your own destiny. But with these seven steps, you’ll quickly find that learning how to handle and organize personal projects is an exciting prospect.

Here's the key: Find a process that suits you best and then stick to it. That way, when you are tasked with saying yes or no about a project request, decision-making will come naturally instead of causing anxiety as it often does when working under the guidance of someone else.

Visualize the project in your mind and post it on your wall. If you can’t visualize it, then you might not want the job. There is nothing worse than a manager who can’t visualize a job description because they are afraid to commit to doing it.

Sit down and write out all that needs to be done. Once you have the definitive list of what needs to be done, prepare a timeline of when needed resources will arrive (if needed resources are required), and develop schedules for each task. You’ll also need general descriptions of each task or assignment, including any related measurements or statistics that will help create benchmarks for measuring success or success metrics .

Prioritize tasks by importance, urgency and then interest. Most people have difficulty prioritizing their activities because they can’t see the big picture or focus on a particular area. The best way to prioritize is to step back and see that most projects have a cycle of importance, urgency and interest associated with them.

Once you know where each project is going to fit, then you can work on developing a timeline (i.e.: this project has an even flow of attention for the next six months). This perspective will help you identify when you’ll need to take vacation days if there is no one to fill in for you.

Include rewards for yourself and others. There are always going to be people who will help you during your project. The thing about volunteers is you need to be sure that they won’t become an interruption if they can’t help you. That is why it is important to include rewards and incentives so that the volunteer will continue to give valuable help after their reward money runs out.

Know when you are trying too hard and take a break. Many projects require a lot of effort, both in time and energy, but that doesn’t mean that you should try too hard or it will be an unsuccessful experience for all involved including yourself.

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