Memo to myself – I need Keyman Insurance


 Memo to myself – I need Keyman Insurance

Every day, I go to work feeling like the luckiest man alive. I get to do what I love for a living, and do it with some of the most amazing people on Earth. But it's not all fun and games – sometimes we need insurance-covered help, just in case something goes wrong. Keyman Insurance is a great way for me to take care of myself and my loved ones in the event that something happens…all without breaking the bank!

I have served clients here at Acme Insurance for about a year now, but before that was almost ten years part of an equally important profession: being a stay-at-home dad. My wife and I had a daughter that we wanted to raise at home, so being an insurance agent was not the most practical option. I took a year off from work to stay home; it was probably the best decision we ever made. My daughter is now in first grade and has pretty much every book in the world memorized. She also knows how to operate an electric typewriter, her own record player, and has made at least one good lasagna on her own. I'd say she's all set for preschool next year!

Insurance can be very confusing – especially term life insurance. So many people think that term means that you have protection for just a short time. But that's not the case! There is in fact a very long list (literally, a term list) of other benefits that term life insurance offers. Of course it pays your beneficiary if you die, but it also provides funds and/or guarantees mortgage payments to help family members keep their homes if something happens to you. Term life insurance can guarantee loan or mortgage payments, private school tuition, even continuing full-time employment for surviving spouses. And unlike universal life or variable life policies whose costs increase at a rate much faster than inflation, term is much more predictable for price and protection.

Keyman Insurance, or Key Person Life Insurance, is another great option for self-employed individuals. This kind of policy provides protection to business owners and managers if they were ever to become disabled or suffer a critical illness. Again, this kind of insurance serves as an income replacement if I were ever unable to work due to a covered event – but it also protects the company. Even if I were able to work part-time, Keyman Insurance would help ensure that the business continues without missing a beat by paying out an agreed upon portion of my regular salary for as long as needed.

Now, let's talk about the protection that Keyman Insurance provides for me and the people I love – I get to sleep at night knowing that my family is protected in the event that something happens to me. This policy is a no-brainer when it comes to insurance that actually provides you with a return on your investment.

I'm pretty much convinced there isn't a single person alive today who wouldn't benefit from having some form of Keyman Life Insurance – or if you're like me, perhaps even both! For more information or to start shopping at Acme Insurance today, call us at 919-239-1800 or use our online quote form.


P.S. – You might be curious about how I got the story above to begin with. It's a classic story of someone who might have come across the Acme literature, especially through a search engine or by reading a review online. What you will not find in that story about this insurance company is any mention of the benefits that are available for their agents. That's because it's not an ad – it's a personal recommendation from me!

Also, there is no mention of any payment to Acme for this referral. That's because like I said before, it wasn't an ad…well maybe sort of. To be more precise – it was word-of-mouth referral from a colleague who has served with me at Acme Insurance for over ten years. It's an awesome thing to be able to refer someone to a great company! So thanks Keith for sharing with us!

If you're wondering how I got that start-up story above, keep reading.

The first part of it comes from our fantastic web designers at Acme Insurance. They took the basic material we needed and crafted it into the "Feel Like The Luckiest Man Alive" blog post above. I wasn't involved in creating that content – but I was involved in executing the direction for it going into the right direction. That means making sure it got on the right web server, in a place where the readers would see it and take action based on the information they were provided.

I would be remiss if I didn't share a special thank you for Marc, our inbound marketing specialist at Acme, for making sure this content was properly optimized to be more readily searchable by the right people. It's no secret that inbound marketing is the name of the game now, and it's also no secret that properly optimized web content can help you reach your customers!

The second part of this story was about the referral from Keith. I asked him if he'd be willing to write a personal recommendation for Acme and for me (it's that "to myself" note at the bottom) on LinkedIn – he said yes and provided me with a digital copy when he finished writing it. I then used our inbound marketing software to republish it here on my blog. And yes, I did pay Acme for this exposure – not a fortune and not enough to break the bank. But a nice little cost for a great return on investment.

I hope you can see how this all worked out and that it helps you understand the power of building trust in your community of peers.


The story above is not meant to represent all of the ways that I use Acme Insurance Company. It merely serves as an example of how my company is helping me grow my business with the power of inbound marketing. It also shows you how I am using their technology to republish content which can then reach people who otherwise might never have heard about Acme Insurance Company.

But before I end this post, I want to share with you the result of the original blog post – and a special surprise that we've got planned for you.

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