Wisdom and Compassionate Leadership


  Wisdom and Compassionate Leadership

We can make a world where there is no more hate. We are experiencing a time of great change, which brings with it many opportunities to lead with open-hearted wisdom and compassion. And it starts with the leadership of one person in particular: you!

Here are some helpful tips you can use to become an empathetic leader in your workplace, your community, and your own life.

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We are a group of individuals who care greatly about the way we lead our lives and the people we work with. In fact, we believe that leadership is a choice, not an assigned role. Our goal for this page and our website is to inspire everyone to be open-minded leaders in their own lives.

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As we all know in life, it's not how we start but how we finish that counts. These notes are a series of notes I took during my 2016 New Years resolution period. My goal is to stay on these goals for the entire year so that they can shine brighter than ever.

I'm so excited to show you what I have planned for this year, it couldn't be coming along better. I've done so many posts in the past that this will be a new beginning for everyone. All of my goals are things that go beyond writing, they are inspirational goals that I hope inspire people to take action.

Here is my New Years resolution list:

When is your first day of school and what day do you start off in Kindergarten? I'm going to share with you a story from when my son first started Kindergarten and how he did on his Standardized Test (ST). It all started with my son coming home from Kindergarten one day and saying he wanted to bring home the test he took on his first day. I knew that was unusual since I talk to the teacher on a regular basis about my son, so I told him that his teacher probably wouldn't want him bring it home. We talked about it for a little while and he still insisted that he wanted to take it home. There was no way that I could resist this cute smile of his, so we went and got the test. We took it home and my son kept saying "I got a 100%" over and over again. He literally was all smiles about it. I was wondering why he'd be so happy about something that wasn't even that big of a deal. So I went back to his teacher and asked her if she had the test, she said no because they do not give them to the parents. We found that out when we started looking through our trash can on our way home from wherever we were going after school, and there it was waiting in there for us!

The next day when he came home from school, I got him to share with me what his test consisted of before we left for the day. I was going to write down what questions he said, but I changed my mind, because he said almost all of them. It was pretty much the same thing every day, and he did the same thing every day. There was a sentence to read, and then it was identifying the picture that goes with it. I asked him many times if there were any other things on his test or not, but he kept saying that is what he did every day. His teacher told me the first time is a picture identification test and they use it as a baseline for kids entering kindergarten. It helped her to compare each child's progress throughout the year.

I asked him to tell me when his last day of Kindergarten was and he told me it was on 11-24-16. It is still surprising me to this day that he did so well on his test when he started out in Kindergarten with a nervous, scared look on his face. He was so unsure about everything and I think that wore him down. He couldn't stop thinking about everything that could go wrong and that is what really got to him. He was so scared about doing one thing wrong and getting in trouble that he did not even try to make friends with any of the other kids.

He told me he felt like he was being judged for ever little thing, and he didn't know if it was going to be good or bad.

I asked him what he thought of his teacher and he liked her. I told him that she just wants everyone to do well. I didn't see it as a competition, but I guess she did, and so did the other kids in the class from the looks of it. Some of them were showing off how good they were at reading and writing by being first in line for everything. My son on the other hand was always near the bottom of the line, because he didn't understand that part yet. He told me he was never in line because he needed help from someone to get there, and they ignored him most of the time so no one helped him at all.


Today, my son is a happy little man that loves to read. He always wants to be the first person to read a new book and he does so in a very loud voice. He reads books for fun now, and I know that his teacher enjoys having him come back every time, because she watches him so closely. The test has really helped him learn better attention span, listening skills, and following instructions. She is so patient with him and I can tell she really cares for him by the way she corrects his papers and questions. She often sits with him while he takes tests to make sure everything is going right for him.

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