Custom Photo Printing - What To Expect And Watch Out For


 Custom Photo Printing - What To Expect And Watch Out For

Custom photo printing is a unique way to have your memories printed and put on display. However, custom photo printing can be a tricky task for newcomers and veterans alike. If you need guidance in custom photo printing, this article will provide the information you need to get your project done the right way: from what kind of equipment you'll need, what kind of image formats are accepted, different types of paper types, and more!

What's Your End Goal?

If all you want is a digital copy on file that can be printed or edited at any time than buying an expensive printer might not be worth it in the long run. Go with the cheapest printer that will do what you need and move on. However, if you want a permanent print of your family photos in your home, then custom photo printing is a great route to take.

Getting The Best Quality Photos For The Project

The quality of the photos you print will depend on the camera used and the image format (JPEG/TIFF/PSD). If you want to get the best results possible for your custom prints, shoot your photos in RAW or TIFF format with a DSLR camera. These formats will produce high-quality images suited for enlargements, making them ideal for full-size posters.

If you are taking photos with a smartphone, do not convert your photos to JPEG. To get the most out of your photos, export them as TIFF and upload them to a photo processing site like Fotor Photo Editor or Photoshop Mix. These sites will provide print-ready images for printing on canvases and other products. The quality is much higher than a typical JPEG of today's smartphones and the file size is smaller too!

What Kind Of Printer Is Best For The Job?

1) You need a printer that can print multiple sizes of photo paper. There are many different kinds of photo paper and one of the most popular is Fotopapier. The main difference between Fotopapier and canvases is that you can print photos on both sides, giving you two more options to choose from for your project.

2) Also, if you want to print multiple copies using dye-sublimation technology, such as glossy paper or metallic photos, then look for a color laser printer. These are printers that use toner in lieu of ink in order to produce vivid prints with different colors. The color laser printer is definitely needed for special projects like business cards and stationery.

3) If you want to print photos on material that is not a paper like a vinyl or canvas, then a ZINK (Zero Ink) printer will be essential for your project. These printers use ZINK technology which eliminates the need for installing ink cartridges or toner because it makes use of zero-ink printing technology.

Having Images On File Instead Of Prints? How To Get Them Printed As A Last Resort!

If you don't want to be stuck with prints but do have them on file then check out the photo books offered by Shutterfly, Blurb or Snapfish to see if any of them meet your needs.

If you have an online photo album like Flickr, Google+ or Snapfish you can also order prints from there. However, the ordered prints will come directly from the website instead of through a professional custom photo printer. If you want to print photos with a professional touch, check out some of the custom photo printers I mentioned in this guide!

What Kind Of Photo Paper To Choose From?

1) Coated: A coated paper is recommended for darker images and it's ideal for black and color photos. Coated paper uses one layer of base material soaked into the white color that has been given a coating layer. This gives off a subtle feel that is easily recognizable by everyone with just one look at it. This kind of paper is ideal for business needs or any other personal project.

2) Gloss: A glossy photo paper is suitable for lighter images and it's also used a lot more commonly than the previous one. With this option, you can use any kind of image or photo that you want to and it will look beautiful thanks to its slight sheen. However, it's not as ideal for dark images as they tend to look washed out due to the shining effect of light on the image.

3) Metallic: A metallic paper is another popular choice for different kinds of photos and materials. It uses a unique system with metallized layers which will make your photos look more like real art. A metallic paper is suitable for any kinds of photos and images as long as the colors are muted, but if you use dark ones they can turn out to be too dark during the printing process.

4) Satin: The satin photo paper is used for special projects like wedding albums and other events. This kind of paper is ideal for any occasion, especially when dealing with color photos or high quality images. These papers are lighter than the other ones on this list but they can still handle high quality images quite well.

5) Translucent: A translucent paper is also popular among photographers and it's excellent for creating a mystical effect in photos. This paper uses a special system which will make the print look as if it is hidden from the outside world in an imaginary dimension. Once again, this kind of paper is not ideal for dark images but if you use a nice white one then you can make a nice photo with it.

6) Greeting Card: The greeting card paper works just like other photo papers but it's made especially for use in greeting cards. You can choose from many different types of papers here and they are durable enough to handle regular postcards or picture postcards.

Do You Need To Book An Appointment For The Process?

No, you don't actually need to book an appointment for your custom photo printing! Just send your digital files via email and whatever printer you choose will process them for you. The most important thing is to make sure that the images are in high resolution and are the right size for the custom photo printing. Do not worry about this, though, as the printers will make adjustments to these things on the spot! Your photos do not have to be perfect because all printers have retouch capabilities so if anything needs fixing, they will do it on special request.


Today's world of technology lets you print your own photos in a wide range of sizes and medium types. From the smallest 2×3 stickers to sizeable murals, this process is an exciting way to immortalize your life’s special moments. Through an easy design software that accompanies the printing machine, you can choose from hundreds of templates and save the best to put onto a coffee mug or business card. Custom photo printing is available in all kinds of formats and everyone can find something for themselves! Be sure to weigh your options carefully, however, as custom photo printing requires purchasing equipment for home use.

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