How to Select a Local Model Agency Without Getting Burned


 How to Select a Local Model Agency Without Getting Burned

So your modeling career is going nowhere, and you need to do something drastic to get the ball rolling. You've heard that agencies are the key to success in this industry. But, you have no idea what makes a good one or how to find one near you. Let's be honest: the industry is confusing! There are so many different agencies and scouts with different specialties that it can be difficult to know which is best for your needs. Plus, how do you choose one at all? The fact is you can do this job without ever signing with an agency. You'll just need to have a small campaign planned out and be willing to work hard.
But before we get into the "how," we're going to tell you the "why" why you should work with an agent.
The "why": The agent gets paid when they find your next job (not when you sign with their agency, which doesn't mean they aren't super helpful). If they sign an agency model and she becomes famous, the agents will keep getting paid and won't have time for their local talent. Plus, it's much easier to shop models who are already signed with an agency.
The "why": As we mentioned earlier, the agent is working with you and wants you to succeed. They want you to work hard, so they'll work hard asking for what they need and showing you what is best for your career. If they don't care about your career, they won't spend much time with you or help if there are any problems.
OK...So now that we know why you should work with an agent (and how), let's find a good one!
The research: We suggest doing some research on the agency in your area and contacting them directly to understand what their role in the industry entails and how they work. You can call or e-mail them to find out more info.
Mentioning your goals: Be sure to mention your long-term career goals and what you are working toward so that they know exactly what kind of modeling you are interested in. Tell them if you've already signed with an agency and if not, why you decided to go that route or not. Also, let them know what type of campaign you would like to have if you were going out on a solo shoot.
Maybe asking is a bad idea: It's really up to the agency, but some agencies may feel uncomfortable or awkward about completely wanting an agency model and just want an open book of the standard measurements (such as height/weight). If you let them know right away that you want to work with them in the long run (be it as an agency model or freelance), they are much more likely to help you out.
Finally, we suggest contacting agents who have worked with other models who you admire and get a better idea of how they work.
The photo: If you are getting an agency shoot, then you must be ready! Take the time to learn how to pose and to bring a few good outfits with you. It may seem obvious, but it is important! Also, try to get a crisp image with good lighting and a clear background. You want them to be able to see your face clearly so they can see what you look like.
Email: If you aren't getting an agency shoot, don't email for rates or anything too personal (unless they ask). Some agencies will flat out say that they only accept agency models in their e-mails. If that's the case, then maybe you should look for another agency.
Finally: If you decide to go a different route and avoid agencies altogether, please remember that YOU have to work hard and stay motivated! If you don't have the drive within yourself, then you probably won't be booked for jobs very often. Again, if you do want to be signed with an agency in the future, they will most likely not sign someone who isn't very serious about modeling.
By Laurel Fussell (works with local models) and Kyliee Ruppe (started her modeling career as a child and now runs a local modeling agency).
Tags: modeling agency See More Posts Just go to your local mall and walk through the clothing stores. Go to as many stores as you can and look at all the people working there. Also, go to any "model painted on" store or a sports car show (Atlanta area). Also, ask around at the local college for the modeling majors and see if those girls are models or if they are already signed with an agency. For guys, there is a lot of male modeling out there too! Reply Delete
looks like this is where most of us end up in our modelling careers...there are some great posts. but, the main reason why, when in doubt about choosing a college program...go with one that is : accredited/approved by the accreditation council for independent colleges and schools...but only look at those accredited/approved programs still in operation as of today! Reply Delete
I agree with really tasty sushi when it comes to modeling, don't get suckered into something you don't wanna do. It's called a job for a reason. Take it seriously and treat it that way, because if you get a career from it, then you'll have to do it for the rest of your life. If not then don't let it be your only source of income. Reply Delete
I am currently looking into taking up modeling seriously and I would love an advice from anyone who is or is not currently in the business. I am really interested in doing some runway modeling and fashion modeling but I have very little work experience. I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on how to get started? Thank you! Reply Delete
Hi, Yes there are many kind of modeling jobs are available like print ads, tv commercials, photo shoot etc.


You have to attract the attention of the agency by sending in your pics. The most important thing is to take really good pictures. Take it seriously. Make sure you look like a model in all the pictures you take. After that send in those pics and wait for some time till they response you. If they don't respond then you have to apply again as there are so many agencies out there and selecting the right one is very difficult. Reply Delete
model not waste money on a modeling class...go to a dojo and learn kickboxing or some other martial art has worked for me before....if not now u can at least stop wasting money on college classes...about resume's and portfolio's..

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