Is making money on the internet as easy as getting a La Cross team to rape a stripper?


 Is making money on the internet as easy as getting a La Cross team to rape a stripper?

Please, please don't ask me this question. I'm not going to answer it and the only thing that would happen is you feeling anger and disgust towards me.

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The Birth Of A Blog Posts Category: Traditional Classes: Article Writing, Blogging and Word Press Model: None For this category, I will post a recap of my classes. The idea is that you can read the class notes/notes and then impress someone or even your friends with the fact you've done this amazing class where you learnt how to do 'X' and it was lots of fun! First Post written by  Chris Parnell  in 2010. My first post was my notes on Blogging Masterclass . It might be a good idea to read this post if you are new to blogging. Next post written by  Chris Parnell   in 2010. Here's the first post on Word Press . Do you even know where Word Press is? Probably not, but it can be useful to have an understanding of it and to know how to use the editor. After that I progressed onto other things like video tutorials on how to use Picasa and, of course, my post on Clickbank . I hope you find these useful and informative. I'm not going to write them out again but you can read them in class later if you'd like. Next Post written by  Chris Parnell   in 2011. Here's the next post on how to use iTunes and other related things. This is more of a beginners guide so feel free to read it if you're interested. Next Post written by  Chris Parnell   in 2012. Here's the next post on buying and selling websites which is an important thing to consider if you want to be successful online. Next Post written by  Chris Parnell   in 2013. Here's the next post on Google Chrome . It might be very useful for you if you want to improve your online knowledge/skills as Chrome has a few nice features that other browsers do not have! Next Post written by  Chris Parnell   in 2014. Here's the next post on online marketing . It might help you with some things you need to know about, like why websites are so important and how to get traffic to your new website for free!
(This is just a section for some shameless self promotion.)
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In this section I will write out notes from lessons that I learned. These notes may be useful if you're new to blogging or hate taking notes in classes. First lesson was about the different platforms you can use. My favourite was good ole Blogger but I'm not using it anymore because of the lack of SEO features it has. Next lesson was all about writing content. This depends on what you're blog is about more than anything. If you're going to write blogs on any topic (i.e. Fashion) then Google will give you the most links for that topic - it's as simple as that! Next lesson was on seo and I actually learnt a lot of useful stuff here and it helped me out in the long run when I had to do some proper SEO work this year! Next lesson was about using websites like BuySellAds (BSAs). BSA's are a great way to get exposure for your blog or website if you're interested in business ventures. A lot of the lessons are simply my notes from the class. Next lesson was on using social media to improve your blog traffic. This is a really good tip but be careful about what you do with social media because it can easily get out of hand and you'll lose control. However, it's a good place to start your blog if you want visitors and followers! Next lesson was about making money online in short time periods. It depends on what you're doing with your blog but if you just want some quick cash then I'd suggest doing some monetisation techniques (ads or affiliate marketing) like that for a few months before trying something else. The class was about 3 hours in total and I did the final exam in this lesson. It was really interesting! Next lesson was on monetisation techniques. This one is really good because if you do it right then you can make some money without making a big investment. However, if you're not prepared to put in that work then it might not be for you! I'd definitely suggest doing this one but I'd go into more detail about why the techniques are profitable for blogging on another blog post. Next lesson was about getting traffic from social media and how to attract visitors to your websites from there by using Facebook and Twitter. Remember to never spam people! Last lesson was all about SEO and search engine optimisation. It's fairly simple, once you understand the basics but it can be very time consuming. Remember to focus on the basics and get your main keywords in!
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In this section I will write out notes from lessons that I learned. These notes may be useful if you're new to blogging or hate taking notes in classes.  WordPress is an excellent platform for blogging which has been used by many professionals and has been around for years - it's an absolute must if you want to blog! First lesson is simply about WordPress and what it is. The next lesson is about using the WordPress platform to create a website. This is very useful because it makes your life easier if you don't want to write HTML codes everywhere. Next lesson is about installing and setting up WordPress and I learnt how to use the platform I'm now using for this blog! The next lesson was on customising your theme and showing off your great new blog! Next lesson was on adding widgets which are very important for bloggers. These widgets make it easy for you to add things that are important. Next lesson was on the main features of WordPress and how it is a good and useful platform for bloggers. After that I went onto a page about creating a blog in the first place! There's not much to say about this lesson as it just shows you how to create your own blog in just a few minutes. I then did a tutorial on what is done once you have created your site so be sure to check this out! Another post I did here was my first ever post on Word Press! Next lesson was about getting traffic to your site. This can be very difficult if your blog isn't popular - but there are some techniques for that. Next lesson was all about SEO and different ways you can use SEO when blogging.

Be sure to comment on your favourite lessons and what you think of the site! That's all for now, seeya later! Chris Parnell - CCEO at
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