Online Or Offline, Price Comparison Tools Help Consumers Shop Smart


 Online Or Offline, Price Comparison Tools Help Consumers Shop Smart

No matter where the economy is or where you're shopping, price comparison tools are a great way to ensure you're getting the best deal. These tools help consumers find out if they could be paying less for a product at another store, and allow them to make informed choices when they're shopping online. So what makes these nifty little programs so useful for both grinches and shoppers?

We'll tell you!

# Reflection on Topic:   ## This blog post showcases different aspects of the topic including what causes it, how to overcome it, as well as some helpful resources that detail how to avoid it. The introduction is both informative and factual while also being engaging and written in an interesting way. The conclusion is an overall reflection of the blog post. 

# Hook:   ## The hook for this blog post is simple and very informative and to-the-point. It's evident that it was written with no prior research because the writer took time to gather all of their information on the topic before writing the piece. Their hook acts as a great foundation in which they were able to link every statement made in the body of their post.

# Visual Appeal: The visual appearance for this blog post is fantastic! This blogger went above and beyond when it came to creating eye-catching images. Her graphics are very informative, interesting, and creative which makes for user-friendly content material.

# Crafting the content: The writer's content is fantastic. It's well-written, lively, and very interesting. Their choice of words is impeccable and their descriptions are very bold yet not too vague. 
# Organizational Structure: The post was organized in a fantastic way. The inclusion of the subtopic (as shown above) allowed readers to see just what the blogger was discussing at that given point in time. This structure also highlighted all of the key points the author made on their topic while leaving space for questions at the end that allow viewers to reflect on what was discussed throughout the entire piece.

# Visual Appeal: This blog post is one of the most interesting posts that I've read this year. This blog's title and cover photograph were very high quality and caught my attention right away with their amazing aesthetic appeal. The website itself had a similar feel, which made me want to scroll down to see what the post was all about and why I should read it. The blog post itself was also very well done, with beautiful pictures and diagrams. 
# Crafting the content: The content of this blog post is very well crafted. It starts with an atypical hook (the title) which kept me scrolling down to take a look at their overview paragraph and then the first section in which he describes the topic. He keeps on going through his introduction until he reaches the conclusion, and each title of each section is a call to action, for example "The REAL REASON you should use them." I don't like titles that are so vague so that was a nice change of pace from the other blogs I've read. 
# Organizational structure: The writing style for this blog post is a bit more complex than the others I've read this year. The writer starts off with a very in depth introduction, and then he starts his opinion section with a topic sentence, which he supports with many examples of his opinions and reasons why they're true. Then he continues to support those examples throughout the paragraph until getting towards the end, where he says that we should use them because it will improve our lives. This is all organized in paragraph format until the conclusion, where he sums up his opinion on these price comparison tools and how they can improve our lives. I found the writing style to be very organized, however, I felt like there was too much text on one page, which made it difficult to read.

# Use of Key Terms: The key terms used in this blog post are all very relevant and emphasized in a way that the reader can't forget them. For example, he talks about the use of these price comparison tools, or "shopping tools" as he puts it a lot throughout his blog post. Also, when talking about how they helped him save money, he mentions using them to get an idea of how much he could get for his products as well.

# Visual Appeal: This blog post is very interesting and has a very distinctive color scheme. The uses of white with different shades of blue and orange make for a striking picture, which makes it easy to read and engage with him. It also helps to highlight the important information being discussed in the post, such as the key point at the end which states "Curbing this vice will help you keep your house more organized. This will make it easier for you find anything when you need it and make the whole house look better." 
# Crafting the Content: The content of this post is well-crafted. The writer does a great job of weaving in examples from his own life to support his opinions. I also like how he starts out by telling us why we should stop doing something before giving us tips on how to do so. It makes sense, because if we're told not to do something, then we'll be more convinced that we should stop, and then he provides us with ways to overcome our habit. 
# Organizational Structure: This blog post is well organized. The writer starts off with a very descriptive overview which leads into his opinion and examples. He gives us tips on how we can stop these habits, which was a great add to the post.

# Visual Appeal: The aesthetic appearance of this blog post is very well put together. The picture that's used in the blog post is easy on the eyes and draws attention to the important points he's trying to make. The colors all work together perfectly, which makes for a cohesive and attractive blog post. 
# Crafting the Content: I really like how this blog post starts off by stating what his point is about before providing us with his recommendations on how we should be using these tools. I also liked how he provided us with examples from his own life, which made it easier to connect with him throughout the writing.


This was a very hard project because at first I didn't know how to make this post. But, after some research I found a lot of information for myself. One thing that I noticed was that most of these posts did not have any keywords in it. The only thing the blogs had in common is that they are blogs about gardening. Also, all of them are home improvement blogs except one, which helps us understand that people read about home improvement on blogs as well as magazines and newspapers but as far as this project is concerned we will take this into account and see what information it tells us about people’s priorities when looking online.

Results summarize the main findings from my findings throughout the blog post creation process.

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